Thursday, July 23, 2009

Samar is Back

I was more than happy and even I was going to cry when I saw again her cheerful childish face full of hope regardless of what happened to her and to her family ; 4 years old Samar is back in the BBC with updates about her medical condition and her family.

Samar still has this beautiful smile yet she can’t walk , her two sisters were killed and her family in Gaza is living in a hut !! Why no one is giving help to Samar's families and other families with similar conditions a hand to build real houses !!?? Are we only good at  Samar building 7 stars hotels !!?? Is not it enough that the government in Belgium is treating her thankfully where as there are governments in the Arab world especially in the Gulf that can treat hundreds of boys and girls like Samar.

Of course Israel is investigating the incident of Samar and her sisters and I know the result in advance it was Samar’s grandma who shot her and her sisters down with her white handkerchief


  1. تحياتى لك
    هو دعوة و ليس تعليق
    وضعت رابط يضم 300 موقع ثقافى و أدبى

    أتمنى أن يحوز اعجابك
    وترسلها لاصدقائك

  2. you hate Israel more than you love Samar, that's why you are taking advantage of the horrible circumstances she got to show how Israel is "bad", if you care about kids who suffer really and it's not hatred for Israel then why you ignore the Israeli kids who got bombed by Kassams and lose their parts, parents and peace of mind??

  3. There are alot of grievances on both sides of the Israli-Palestinian conflict, but what we know now is that there is a little girl out there who is horribly wounded who should not be, and should have her sisters with her alive and well. No child should ever be harmed, and what we should all be asking is how can we help. How can we help Zenoibia?? I do not have much, but I could send something. In any case, that little girl will be in my prayers daily.

  4. Actually, several of israel's internal investigations have found soliders guilty and they served punishment, although perhaps not to the extent desired by some... but that number is probably infinitely more than brutes paying the prices of their actions in most arab regimes for the last few decades, in particular the notorious ba'ath regimes and the mass-murders of black september and el-hama. and if it weren't for the americans, halabja, al-anfal and dujail wouldn't have incurred any price as well.


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