Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Suzanne Tamim Murder Trial Follow UP : The Merits

The merits of Suzanne Tamim’s murder trial have been announced on last Saturday , here is the complete script from Youm 7.com. I am not a legal expert nor did I study law and thus all I can say is that from what I read the merits are just the official detailed version on how and why the murder was committed.

According to the law with in 40 or 60 days “ I am not sure from the correct number” the accused lawyers should veto the death penalty using legal gaps in the merits in front of the court of cassation.

Of course I assume that the defense teams especially Hisham’s are not sleeping the night searching for gap in these merits to veto the verdict of Judge Muhamdi Konosawah who is famous for his tough verdicts.

It is not over , this is just another start for another round.

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