Friday, July 31, 2009

They Have the right to vote too

From the various cons of the 23rd of July coup is that it derived the Police and army officers from their right to vote. The army and police officers do not have the right to vote in the Presidential or the Parliamentary elections according to article no.1 for law no. 73 of political rights in year 1956
Strangely this old article opposes articles no.40 and 62 which state the following
  • Article no.40 : All the citizens are equal in front of the law and have equal rights and general duties 
  • Article no.62 : All the citizens have the right of voting and their participation is a national duty
The official justification for not canceling that 53 years old is that the army and police are neutral official parties that do not get involved in political life !!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me !!?? Are not the army and police officers Egyptian citizens after all who have the right to choose who is best to represent them whether as a President or a member in the Parliament according to their needs and wants !! Do they have to wait for retirement for God sake !!??
I do not think that this ban has to do with neutrality from near or far , it has to do with the fact that the regime does want to the army and police officers to get engaged in politics as they will care then for their country and think about their choices very carefully for the sake of their future and the future of their children. This is what the regime fears : To make them think as the last time the police officers thought we had our Ismailia uprising and the last time the army officers had thought ,we had our 23rd of July coup.
The regime fears to lose control on the police and the army and thus its control on life in Egypt.It always wants to isolate between the people and their Police and army.  I know that this regime will not give this right to the army and police officers yet there is no harm to discuss this taboo. It is enough that we do not discuss anything related to the army except on its national days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my opinion giving the right to vote makes the police and army more neutral and more engaged and attached to the people.
The army and police officers should have the right to vote just like any other citizen in this country as in the end the military is a civilian in a uniform.
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