Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Uighur Anger is Under Control For Now

First of all here are some few images from the Boston Globe, there are not too many like the photos from Iran , already some of them are from the Chinese official news agency that describes the angry Uighurs as thugs. Now the city of Urumqi is under control , well it should be under control with all these forces in the city !!

What is happening in China is very serious because it shows how regimes can crack down revolts using IT and propaganda and how suppressive regimes enrich the sectarian and ethnic division in the country in order to control.

Since day one the official media and also the unofficial media in China have enriched the ethnic division , now it became the Uighur Vs. the Han , making the majority of the Chinese people angry from the Uighurs supporting the regime’s actions against them. I do not have doubt that the Han mobs taking down the streets in the province were encouraged by the regime , letting them to do the dirty work in order to make a legal reason to interfere.

x16_19607939 Strangely the Islamic world is watching as usually, of course I must mention that the only reaction I heard was from the OIC , it is not bad but it could be better especially that China’s Islamic partners are not weak or poor speaking from the economic point of view or even from the Political point of view.

I want to add something , it is not because the Uighurs are Muslims I am standing with them only but the facts that they suffered a lot under the Chinese rule and the Chinese regime is just another big lying dictatorship make me support them as much as I can.

I know that as a minority in a world power that stands in front of the United States ,the US is using them just like the Tibetans to weaken China , but let’s agree on something , if China did not oppress those minorities from a long time , they would not seek the support of its enemies.

Again China has learnt the lesson of Iran and sealed the city , unlike to some believe this shows that Iran used to enjoy more democracy than China ,

I recommend you to read this article from the Guardian by Tania Branigan who is China correspondent for the British newspaper, I really admire the work of Tania in Urumqi.

The Chinese president had to leave the G8 Summit to stay in his country to follow the situation ¨which shows you that it is a simple tension but rather a serious one that requires the President to be the country¨.

Unsurprisingly Russia considers what happened was an internal affair of China.

There was a protest in front of the embassy of Germany in Cairo from two days ago in solidarity with Dr. Marwa, I believe we should protest in front of the embassy of China too in solidarity with the Uighurs , those protesters who care for Islam and Muslims in Europe should not forget about the Muslims in China !! If We are going to boycott the German products,then we should boycott the Chinese products as well !!


  1. It is interesting to see how Islamists in particular respond to different incidents and issues. I've got a theory that needs to be proved. I simply think that Islamists value issues of interest based on their ongoing battles locally. They will highly appreciate the chance of an abroad issue that can be used to pick a fight against the regime or their opponents namely secular intellectuals.

    Islamists aside I can't see why others seem reluctant to react. I attribute it mostly to ignorance of the particulars. I bit many are hearing of Uighurs for the first time. And I mean many of those who are supposed to be in the know. Ordinary people are quite submerged in their everyday living-earning struggle. If the late Marwa wasn't neck-named Hejab Martyr such most of those who got interested in her story wouldn't care for her. If Marwa was a christian none would have cared for her.

  2. @المهندس
    sorry for my late reply believe it or not I think Egyptians would have been angry if Marwa were not veiled or were a Christian too , they would consider her a mother ,a woman and an Egyptian
    Back to the Islamists , ok now they have heard about Uighurs what they have done !!??


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