Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News : Another Term !!??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking News : Another Term !!??

This just came from Washington from AP :
Egypt's 81-year-old Mubarak indicates he plans to seek another term as president.
I do not know what to say for now !!!! Another term !!!?? Is he series ?? He is 81 years old !!??
It seems that Washington did not approve his son !!
Update :
From an hour ago The Egyptian embassy has issued a statement concerning this dangerous alarming depressing news , they knew that in no time it will reach Egypt and cause a buzz Mubarak does not need it now.
President Hosni Mubarak's remarks about his plans to seek another term were mistranslated and that he has made no decision.

Mubarak was referring to the 2005 Egyptian elections in which he ran on a platform of political reform.

 I hope that this is true and just a mistranslation , anyhow I think in these few hours the regime knew the reaction of the Egyptian people well !!
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  1. Washington can accept or reject Gamal as much as they want but its not up to them and I really dnt get why many Egyptians act as if it is up to somebody other than us to decide. Even if Gamal takes over we-the more than 60 millions- can still reject him.
    As for Mubarak's intention, I am waiting to watch the interview he gave to listen to it myself but if that happens I am wondering if the issue could be raised in the Constitutional Court, the constitution doesnt include an age limit but stipulates the "ability" to run the country that includes both mental and physical and I would like to watch any doctor who could claim that an 80 something years old president has the ability sufficient to rule a country.

  2. The new term thing is a mistranslation... he was talking about the 2005 elections.
    Anonymous, you've got it backwards... it is the U.S decision who becomes our next president and it's not up to us. We're not 60 million anymore, we're closer to 80 now (give or take a few million) and we can reject all we want, it still won't change a thing. Our problem is that we make it too easy for them to falsify the election results, nobody votes "NO". We believe that if we boycott the elections that the world will realize the regime's corruption. We don't seem to understand that the world likes our regime and that's why it stays, just like we can't understand that if you don't want someone you have to officially vote that you don't want them... that's why whenever the regime is asked about election results they just give the numbers, 10% of the population voted and 90% of those who voted chose Mubarak.
    The doctors you're looking for are available and numerous. There are those who will do it for money since our doctors earn a pitiful salary anyway, so a businessman closely related to the regime might hire someone willing to say that the president is as fit as a Greek god. Others might do it as a service to their minority status since they see that Mubarak is the only person capable of defending them against the growing threat of political Islam.
    What I would like to see is Mubarak coming out to the people and trying to remember where he left his reading glasses that morning... that would probably be a good test of "health"...
    Ramadan Kareem

  3. Well, the US has influence but I dnt believe they help in rigging the elections or force us not to vote no?
    The NDP will do whatever it takes to remain in power and we the ppl (btw I am well aware we passed the 80millions figure, but all those egyptians abroad cannt vote, as well as those holding certain jobs)are the ones who accept bribes to vote for a certain candidate, or dnt care to get our election cards, or go to vote and dnt view it as a duty, and are afraid of even getting involved in choosing. If this regime remains w or w/o Mubarak its bec we decided to remain dead. Granted, the US prefers a corrupt regime to an extremist regime but the west always finds a way to deal w whomever in power. What about us? I wouldnt wish for my country to be run by persons or parties that evaluate ppl based on religion. Dnt you think that millions of Egyptians are worried about the possibility of having something a la Hamas running the country?
    Im currently studying abroad, Most ppl I knw think im crazy for wanting to go back, Many are trying or have secured a place and work abroad. Ppl are worried, few are discussing it out loud but the fact is that most of us are worried. No one knows what's coming next.
    As for the doctors, sure money can buy some but again its up to the ppl to accept that or not.
    Allaho akram

  4. He didn't comment on whether he intends to run again in the next elections. He didn't want to comment on whether he will make his son the carrier of the "flame" either.
    He basically avoided and/or dismissed all the important questions.
    Anonymous, you have some good insights, but I suspect as Mo said, that the magic invisible hand might play its turn. People need to be made aware of the importance of voting and taking their civic responsibility into their hands!

    Allah Kareem!

  5. last anon, I guess I wasnt making my point as clear as I intended it to be. My point is that we will be fools not to think and expect several magic invisible hands to try and shape things they way that serves their interests best. Many countries have stakes in Egypt, several national political and religious movements etc have stakes. All I am saying is that it is the normal thing that NDP will fight to remain in power along with any other person profiting from the current regime, it is normal that the West will only support a gov that serves their interests in the country be it another NDP one, a MB one or any other, interests are what matters to the West. It is also normal that MB and even some Christian extremists etc might want to try things out, in the end it is up to us the ppl to be realistic and stop being negative. I applied for my election card more than 4 years ago and until now got nothing. Once im home I will go again and ask for it. I made it a point that no matter wts on I will do my best to vote simply bec I realized i dnt want to have to leave my own country and immigrate or go some where else like many friends have done/are doing. I am afraid for the future like many of us and while i know its not all rosy I am trying to think what I can do as an individual. I really wish there was a way that like-minded ppl w no political etc interests other than securing a good life in our country can get together and try and spread awareness and may be even encourage ppl to sign up for voting and to show up. We the very silent majority need to realize these are very sensitive times for our country and currently all possible scenarios look bad

  6. @anonymous,you have brought up an interesting point , it goes back to us the Egyptians not the American or any other nation , unfortunately this important is weakened by many I believe to make think that we do not have the ability to choose and to think not to mention to do something. Regarding you suggestion about age limit, I do not know if it is a good suggestion what if we have an excellent candidate who is younger than Gamal Mubarak

    @Mo, Allah Akram , I disagree with you , we can change things with the approval of the United States because in the end it is our country , the Iranians did it in the 1970s ,could not we !!??
    My dear do not forget that the United States does not back up Gamal Mubarak yet because they know that he is not popular among the Egyptian people , they care for the people too and this is why you will find them speak more about Omar Soliman because he has support from the army and also popular among the people more than Gamal , this shows how important the people's factor is

    @anonymous#2, my dear the magic hand here is not the United States despite I know it may have plans , the magic hand is the divine hand ,it is not up to anyone if you think about it and this is why I believe Gamal Mubarak won't rule. The Americans fear from that scenario that something that they did not include in their plans would happen in Egypt like for instance a sudden coup of unknown army officers or even bigger a public revolution


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