Saturday, August 1, 2009

Follow Up : H1N1 and H1N5

Yesterday was a busy day as usual for the ministry of health ; the ministry has announced new cases of H1N1 and one new case of H1N5 in Egypt.

Starting with H1N1 :

The ministry of health announced that 10 new infection H1N1 cases were discovered. 7 of the 10 are Egyptian cases where as the rest of the cases are foreigners.

Our H1N1 infection toll has reached now to 265

Then moving to H1N5 :

The ministry of health announced that 18 months old Mohamed Hossam from Monufia was infected by the virus. He began to suffer from the symptoms on the 28th of July and he entered the Shibin El-Kom fever hospital on the 30th of July.He was given tamflu and currently is stable .

Hossam is no. 83 in our H1N5 infection toll.

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