Saturday, August 22, 2009

Follow Up : Youssef Megahed Is Free Man Again

Youssef Megahed has been released as the American government has lost the deportation case against him , yes deportation case :)

I did not know the news yesterday , I think this could be considered the happiest Ramadan for the Megaheds

You see it turned out that the Megahed was arrested by the federal immigration in last April 3 days after a federal jury had acquitted him on federal explosives charges  , yes this time it was an immigration case.

Ironically his family that has been living in the United States for 11 years receiving their American passports weeks ago where as their son was going to be deported.

Of course his mother country officials did not give a damn for his suffering at all !!

And some wonder why Egyptians leave their country in the first place !!??


  1. So you think it's a coincidence he was freed a couple of days after Mubarak's visit?

  2. no really I do not think so , in fact I do not think that Mubarak has to do anything with his case


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