Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Important Film

This is a very important cartoon film directed to little Children in order to avoid sexual harassment. It is produced by The Egyptian Center for women’s rights which I must salute for their initiative.


  1. I knew the ECWR was working on a film for children, but I didn't realize they had finished it. What are your thoughts on how much success they'll have in distributing the film within Egypt?

  2. I believe they need more help from the Egyptian channels whether the state owned or the private, of course people themselves can help them by downloading and showing this film to their kids

  3. It is great they finally started taking action to face this beast.Thanks Zeinobia for uploading the film

  4. This is a great film and very educational. I wish they could air it on TV during Ramadan instead of those silly Coca Cola ads.

  5. great step but i am wondering whether such productions are complemented by awareness lectures at schools, clubs etc.

  6. @ Anonymous - my understanding is that the ECWR has been trying to do just that - tie the video and its accompanying booklet into school programs. The Ministry of Education apparently said they thought this was a "great idea," but hasn't followed through with any support or response.

    Read more here: http://jupiter.almasryonline.com/masryportal/articlePrintableVersionJTags.jsp?itId=UG111364&pId=UG14&pType=1&languageShort=1 (Sorry for the insanely long link - I despise Almasry Alyoum's new English site).

  7. Thanks Zeinobia for linking the video since I was looking for it!

  8. @اخر ايام الخريف
    well honestly I did not upload it to youtube , I found there :)

    @Banoota , I hope too , the viewership in Ramadan is high and it is important to spread it as much as we can

    @Hicham, you welcome dear , I am happy that I helped you


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