Friday, August 21, 2009

Meanwhile in Libya

Meanwhile in Libya Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi has returned back home to die in Peace , his country’s ruler was keen for his release regardless of what we think of him or about Lockerbie incident which by all measures a horrible one.

Al-Megrahi in Glasgow Meanwhile in Egypt Mubarak returned back from the States without even discussing the case of the Egyptian student Youssef Megahed Youssef Megahedwho was acquitted of terrorist charges by a federal jury panel. Heavens forbid I am not speaking about the three Egyptians who are currently in Guantanamo bay, I am speaking about this young man.

What I am speaking about is that our President does not care that much about his citizens abroad and about their rights , this is a well known fact.

What makes me anger is colonel Qaddafi seems to care for his follow Libyan citizens where as President Mubarak is leaving his citizens to be executed in Libya without any care despite some of his citizens should be released immediately according to the Libyan law. I do not know if it is Mubarak or it is foreign minister and his policies to ignore the conditions and rights of Egyptians abroad so our relations with the world won’t be affected ; this is my only explanation for this neglect , seriously I do not know !!

These are couple of photos from Al-Meraghi

89982641 Returning Home

Al-Meraghi is the one that was wearing a black suit , I know he looks too old , do not forget he is suffering from an advanced condition of prostate cancer which was the reason of his release . In the first photo on the left ,you will see Seif El-Islam El-Qaddafi receiving him. The man received a hero welcome in his country for sure.

Abdel Basset Al Megrahi -1

For sure this time Al-Meraghi was relaxed more than any time in his life in this flight.


  1. What, all we all of a sudden giving out FREE Lunches? Since when??? Under what premise? Did this guy learn his lesson? I doubt he would have changed his actions if he knew he would have gone to jail. These people don’t care, but only to KILL America. They hate us…helllloooooo!!! Wake up people.

  2. Even though he is dying,he should not be trusted and he should still be monitored.

  3. Even If I am not that happy with releasing "Al-Meraghi", I understand your point regarding our young Egyptian Man and I share your wonder too. Nevertheless, I've heared in the news that he's been released yesterday but didn't find confirmation.

  4. @jasonbradyut, well you got to talk

    @Lisa , I do not think that the Libyan regime will monitor him now

    @Hicham , I have mixed feelings about Al-Meraghi too and I agree what you said in your post
    By the way it is true Youssef has been released yesterday


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