Saturday, August 8, 2009

Olbermann on Blackwater’s scandal

Do Not tell me it is MSNBC

Keith Olbermann for 3 three days



Here is the complete Jeremy Scahill’s reports about Black Water at the national and also here is his book “Blackwater ; the rise of the most powerful mercenary army.”

I would like to remind you that Blackwater is attacked and exposed by the American themselves. There is no excuse what so ever for Blackwater , already I do not understand why they came to Iraq in the first place and please do not tell to protect the Westerns because I believe that was the mission of the coalition forces.


  1. jeremy's blackwater book is amazing. after they 'took care of iraq.' they looked inward, when hurricane KATRINA broke out blackwater were sent in and deputized by the new orleans police dept. and went on a rampage in the poorer sections of the town.

  2. So they killed their own people !!

  3. My Dear Zeinobia,

    I am truly disappointed that you indulge in this sort of self deception. You belive what you want to believe and don't really look at the big picture. The strength of America is that we allow such exposure but you must realize that there are many self hating Americans ( who have had all the benefits of life in America)who inexplicably undermine our country at every opportunity. Ironically these are not the poor undertrodden citizens that you find in the opposition in many countries. They are doing very well indeed and like Keith Olbermann making Millions from their cheap shot negative views of the world's greatest Democracy.I say this without fear of contradiction. You know that I have lived in Europe, the Middle East and Pakistan and India. Ours is still the best system though I fear for it as we currently have a leadership that is determined to bring us down. If we fall those of you who yearn for democracy ( I hope you do)will have no support. America has been the beacon for citizens all over the world who want to live in freedom and millions have come here legally over the last 150 years and thrived. You know this is true. For goodness sake lacknowledge it.

    I write this as a friend who wants only the best for you and all citizens of the world and I truly believe that the majority of Americans are of the same mind.

    I suggest you take a look at Fouad Ajamis Wall Street Journal article of a few days ago.I do not always agree with him but he makes some excellent points. Why not give your readers some food for thought instead of fueling the fire.


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