Friday, August 28, 2009

The Return of The Iron Woman

Suddenly with no introduction today we found out that infamous iron woman of 1980s has come back to Egypt and has been arrested in the Cairo airport !!! It is the news of the day today in Egypt , not only today if you ask me but for the coming two weeks if the press can’t find anything solid regarding the son of Suzanne.
First who is the iron woman in Egypt ?? 

Well she is Huda Abdel Manam , the infamous businesswoman who established a construction company “ Hudaco “ in 1986 with a very big promotional campaign,after all it is not every day we have a woman founding a big constriction company. She gathered millions of pounds “about LE 45 million” from citizens convincing them that she would build projects on a land near the Cairo airport then “she paid only 30% of this land’s price” and strangely that land was restricted and was not for sale in the first place  !!  Huda’s debts in banks reached to LE 30 million , she fled the country to Greece suddenly where she lived all those years. Her escape opened a door of questions on how she escaped and who helped her to escape..etc.
She became from the famous runaway businessmen abroad, may be because she was the first businesswoman to join that infamous club. She became a Greek and yet she could not come to Egypt all those years but suddenly with no introduction she has been arrested while attempting to enter in the country at Cairo international airport this morning. Tomorrow she will have an early morning meeting with the general prosecutor.
Now what puzzles me is how simply she showed up with no introductions like this and she knows that she will be arrested and may face jail !!
Is this a part of a deal between the government and Huda ?? There are rumors circulating already that she won a lawsuit against the government where she will receive from the later LE 50 million !!???
I find this to be more than coincidence with the Nasharty’s interview in Al Ahram and also Ashraf Al Saad’s interview in Cairo and Centric TV channel along with the National TV last week !!!??
As I hinted above ,this may be the start of a media circus.

By the way I did not publish this post earlier because I was searching for Huda’s picture , man her picture was always there but none I can’t find it online.

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