Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say Bye To The Analog Transmission by Year 2012

I read news yesterday that Egypt will stop the analog transmission and go for the digital transmission in year 2012 and this includes  TV of course , for sure it is a good move.

I am not an expert in that stuff but I know that the digital transmission requires digital television like LCDs and LEDs , already this is part of the digital television transition. The other part of the digital television transition is from the TV channels side.Some channels in fact began the transmission like Al Jazeera which is HD channel according to what I know.

Now in Egypt most if not all of the famous brands released its LCDs and LEDs too , these devices are digital , HD with all the other toys in the box for those welling to pay thousands of pounds.

Again I am not an expert and I have a question after year 2012 how will those Egyptians with analog television sets across the country especially in the country side whether Nile Delta and Upper Egypt watch TV ? They won’t be able to watch TVs because then they will be incompatible right !!??

I know it is very stupid question but I can’t stop thinking , there are many people who can’t afford new digital TVs nor satellite dishes unlike what you think.

If this date is correct , I hope that the government will be kindly enough to inform the citizens now so they would prepare themselves in the right time.


  1. Hey Zeinobia,

    1-First off, don't you think the poorest of Egypt are better off not watching the government propaganda Apparatus :-) which lead us to:

    2-Guess in who's best interest the poor masses of the Egyptians still get their brains washed, knowing that you can't do this through written media.

    3- a functional and cheap way to do that way is to receive digital transmission is through a set-top box(we had something similar before in Egypt, when the government started making local channels, and they reached 8 or more, some people didn't have enough channels on their TVs, so there were a rash for installing an external tuner unit for your tv,and the new tuner units even came with a remote control, which at this time, was new to a lot of people), which you just plug to an analog tv and walla, now you can watch digital transmission, they are already cheap, sometimes I see offers for such things here in Germany for 10 Euro. I wouldn't be surprised if you can get them in the year 2012 from china for 10 pounds, and of course the government will subsidise it, maybe even give it for free !

  2. @helper F1, thank you much dear for explanation and also suggestion , this tuner will help many Egyptians for sure.
    I agree that it will be great if they do not see our national TV and stay away from the propaganda but do not forget they do not buy newspapers and they do not check the news online , TV and radio are their only access to the outside world I am afraid.


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