Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These Are The Real Presidents

Former President Bill Clinton made a surprising historical visit to North Korea in order to free the two American Journalists "Euna Lee" and "Laura Ling

Lee and Ling are not 100% American and yet because they hold the citizenship the States did not forget them regardless of their charges.
For sure the visit of Clinton included other issues yet I can't ignore the fact that these women were brought back with him.
I do not know why I remember our fishermen who have been held hostages for month in Somalia , one of those fishermen passed away two weeks ago and currently the families of those families in Egypt are trying to gather the ransom by themselves !! One of the fishermen's mothers offered her organs for sale.
The ministry of foreign is acting as if nothing is happening and everything is fine. Its foreign minister does not give  a damn that there are Egyptian citizens facing the unknown. The President himself does not give a damn for those Egyptians, he is a president and is more concerned about other important issues like for instance changing the water network of El-Barada !!
Real Presidents do not leave their citizens hostages in other countries.
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  1. that's true he is a real President

  2. American people love each other not like us Egyptians

  3. I'll have to disagree with you here. We have a every good reason not to free any of our citizens who get captured outside Masr... We don't have any ex president to send ;-)))

  4. The N Koreans asked for him! He didn't go their to negotiate their release, he knew they would be released if he went. So this is nothing more than a pr stunt, I would post link but can't copy paste in to this box :/
    and lol @ hina wi hinak :P

  5. @anonymous , he is , Was not he elected by the American people in a real democratic election !!?

    @The count of monte cristo , I do not think that they love each other more than we do , you can't simply compare this point in this way.

    @Hina wi Hinak , wow you put in a corner for sure , you are right we got no ex-president to send

    @Ramy, PR stunt or not at least he did something unlike our foreign minister !!


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