Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is not a matter for a real president to do

Al Ahram’s headline on last Saturday was as follows:
President Mubarak orders an immediate replacement of the water network in El-Barada village !!
El-Barada is one hell lucky misfortunate village to have this historical presidential decree !!
Hosni Mubarak
Hosni Mubarak "AFP"
The president orders the replacement of that water network that caused this lead poisoning in the village !! Wow, this is a historical decree for sure !!

It is all wrong in a way I can’t comprehend it. Speaking about the responsibility of the President himself regardless of who is he ; I do not think that it is from the president’s responsibilities to order the replacement of a water network in certain village despite it is among his responsibilities to make sure that all his citizens have direct access to clean water and electricity as the minimum level of decent living !!

I believe such decision could or rather must be taken by the mayor of the village or at most the governor not the President of the State for God sake, there is something wrong when it comes to the chain of authority I am afraid as the President has to interfere to save the day in such way !!!!!

Real President should follow up the matter with the governor but not to interfere still I am speaking about real Presidents elected in real democratic elections.

Now concerning Mubarak, I hope that he issues the same decree and show the same concern he showed for El-Barada village to other villages across the country with no access to clean water nor to electricity nor to sanity networks !!!

I will not speak about the Previous eras, but I will speak about the Mubarak era as President Mubarak Mash Allah ruled Egypt more than anyone in Modern Egypt !!!
For 15 years El-Barada and it is only 52 kilometers away from Cairo has not got an access to a clean water, the people for 15 years had to buy gallons of water from other villages and rely on groundwater !! El-Barada is just meters away from the famous El- Kenetar !!??
What about those villages in the heart of Upper Egypt.

This presidential decree should include an apology for the citizens of this village for neglecting their basic rights for having a decent basic level of living for them and their families !!!
Mubarak is accountable for what happened to those poor families because in 15 years he chose cabinets and governors that did not give a damn for them. I believe if we are speaking in a partisan matter those cabinets and governors are NDPians and thus he is accountable for them again as the head of the NDP.

Now I will leave Mubarak and go after Adly Hussein who is trying to appear as the public hero in this crisis. Councilor Hussein is proud that he has served in his position as a governor in Mubarak’s era more than any other governor. Where has he been all those years from El-Barada !!?? I am sure that the people there have complained till suddenly the governorate remembered them and commissioned the Arab contractors to change their water network. Hussein can report the matter to the public persecutor as he wants still there is a huge part of the responsibility lays on him as a governor.

Again there are hundreds of El-Barada in Egypt that are in a desperate need for similar presidential decrees and I wonder how many years they have to wait for these decrees !!??

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