Saturday, August 15, 2009

West Cairo

On the way to Cairo-Alexandria road I notice something I was amazed that no one brought it up till now.

Of course part of the way to the Cairo-Alex road lays in 6th October governorate now where there are many construction projects of compounds along the road.

One particularly caught my attention.

The location of the West Cairo air base , in the past its location was a perfect one protecting West Cairo but now the urbanization is reaching to it , for God sake there is a whole compound being built in front of it , yes the West Cairo project is just a footstep from the base. The West Cairo project is owned by famous SODIC and Solidere and I do not understand the logic of placing this project besides an army base which will be targeted in any future war.

I will not bother asking on how SODIC got this vast land because it is a stupid question but I wonder if the air base will be relocated in the future ; FYI relocating air base is very expensive and the State is one that will pay it.

By the way beside the West Cairo compound ,there is the latest Designopolis which is owned by Citadel Capital. Ironically all those projects are not built for the majority of the Egyptian people but for the very high class who do not give a shit for our national security , whose sons are not men enough to do their military service.

If you want my opinion the base is much more important than those projects.


  1. Thanks for bringing this up, Zeinobia.

    Even of that airbase is located on a vast area which prevent anyone from seeing the activities which happened there, landing or taking off planes, still it's not rational to let projects like these being built around the biggest airbase in the Egypt and the region!

    And of course no one will know or even speak about this in the media, that if they know where and what is the West Cairo airbase.

  2. You welcome Ghafari , I am amazed at this silence. I agree with you , already no one from planners of this great luxurious project thought that this airbase is the no.1 target for any war in the future
    May be they believe for real that 1973 war is the last war !!
    My dear the media only speaks about the army in its national days nothing more,nothing less and this scares me a lot

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  4. I find it very amusing how you complain of 'very high class' families 'whose sons are not men enough to do their military service' yet are disgusted by the fact these same high class young men are increasingly seeking the services of a prostitute (locally or abroad) because the high class women in Egypt are not women enough to retain their feminine values or appearance of the old days (just drinking Starbucks, driving German cars and wearing expensive designer wear).

  5. Well Zeinobia, I think when it come to such kind of bases, it's not that easy to built something near them unless the army is totally aware + approve it.

    On the other hand you're intelligent enough to know that Satellites already shooting everything from space; even we -civilians- can see anything on 'Google Earth' so how about other military agents ?!


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