Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Blow To Independence Judicial System Movement in Egypt

I am still shocked and I can’t understand or classify what has happed except that it is another blow to the independence of the Judicial system movement in Egypt : The famous and honorable Judge Mahmoud El-Hadiry has resigned from his position as the vice head of the cassation court  !!

Judge El-Hadiry

Judge El-Hadiry known for his support to the independence of Judicial system movement in Egypt is also the head of the Judges’ club in Alexandria. This resignation comes after 46 years of working in the judicial system in Egypt , 20 years of them were in the cassation court ,Egypt’s finest and highest court !!

The main reason behind this sudden resignation is the objection on the intervention of the regime in the judicial system !!

I respect this reason very much but with my all due admiration to the honorable ex-judge move ,the regime will welcome this resignation so much because it does not want these types of judges working in the current system , men like El-Hadiry are like obstacles in front of the regime regardless on how much it interferes in that system. I know many people will welcome his resignation.

Still may be El-Hadiry wanted to deliver a strong message to this rotten regime before his retirement next year , he is 69 years old and next year will be his retirement year !! I do not know seriously , I feel more and more that movement of reformist judges is facing more pressures and losing more battles in a long battle :(

I just hope that this honorable judge did not face any kind of blackmail or pressure from the regime like Judge Hisham El-Bastawasi

El-Hadiry is going to open a law office in Alexandria according to his statements in Al Masry Al Youm , adding  that he will continue working for the independence of the judicial system. I do not know if it is going to easy while being a lawyer not a judge

Honestly I did not see this coming nor did I want it to happen.



    Prostitution in Egypt --- another problem.

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