Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Iron Woman’s Follow Up : The Other Minister

First of all believe or not the iron woman of Egypt aka Huda Abdel Manam had spent 48 hours in the women’s jail in Cairo and it seems that she will stay there for another 2 weeks, of course people will be amazed especially from abroad because this does not go with the secret deal with the government.

Well again my dear ones I will ask you one question and please for God sake answer me

Do You think the iron woman who lived as a Queen in Greece for more than 20 years would simply show in Cairo airport to get caught so simply and sent to jail ???

My dear readers I believe all of what is happening is just  a charade to avoid the public anger, people will be very angry to know that Huda would return back to Egypt to receive a Hanam “Lady” welcome after wining another lawsuit against the State , the second to be accurate after Wagieh Siag. This woman probably setting in 5 stars cell in the women’s prison currently.

Now if Mustafa El-Said had helped Huda to escape from the country in the 80s despite his denial ,there is another minister or rather ex- minister who planned her return peaceful to the motherland , you know who ?? Well He is the controversial Dr.Ibrahim Soliman , yes that Soliman of ministry of housing !!

Huda and Soliman know each other when Huda was a client at Ibrahim Soliman civil engineering consultancy office before the ministry , in other words they were old friends. Soliman now heads the Petroleum services company as a reward and do not ask why a civil engineering professor heads a Petroleum company owned by the State because up till we do no know. Of course if we compare Huda by Soliman , Huda will be a saint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now concerning the iron lady here is little info about her start , she got a diploma in commerce “not a university graduate” and used to work as typist at the Arab contractors , she got married to a wealthy Libyan contractor and lived with him in Libya till his death. She became a rich widow and returned back to Egypt inaugurating a construction company with her name Hudaco. The rest is one of the best ponzi schemes Egypt has known.

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