Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laila Abdel Salam Speaks For The First Time on TV

Honestly I wish that Mona El-Shazely did that interview with Laila Abdel aka the Real Samia Fahmy who is currently working in Al Ahrar newspaper.
Laila Abdel Salam speaks with Amr Adib along Ambassador Dr.Rafaat El-Ansari who had his share in the real spies war. Ambassador El-Ansari has very interesting story which insh Allah will be featured in Egyptian Chronicles after my recovery ;)

She revealed more information about her story which is simple and so short , her trip in Italy , it only took about a month or even less to arrest Mario , the Spy of Israel in Egypt , yes he was not in Rome but in Egypt.
By the way here is Laila in early 1970s, she looked like Nahed El-Sharif more than Menna Shalby if I may say.


  1. She should have been interviwed with Mona El-Shazli. As for your note regarding her look in the 1970s, I think this photo us somehow close to "Nagat El-Saghera", "Souad Housni's sister!

    p.s. Zeinobia, you say after recovery, Were you ill? Sorry to hear that but in Ramadan I was not following anything so my question seems like ياه دا إنت قديم قوي :D

  2. أنا برده طول عمري بقول ناهد شريف شكلها مناضلة ووطنية


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