Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last Ottoman

Ertuğrul Osman aka the last Ottoman to have the right to head the dethroned the house of Othman since 1994 has passed in New York from two days ago.


The former prince who could have been a sultan lived a very modest life compared to his ancestors in NY City with no political ambition what so ever. In a rare interview with Al Jazeera channel he avoided any criticism to Kamal Ataturk not for love or admiration of course but for fear of the consequences .

Of course Osman is not the last Ottoman , but he was the last Ottoman to born in Turkey ; Bayezid Osman is now a Sultan in exile who was born in exile , ironically this sultan has served in the U.S army !!



  1. I learn something new everyday...
    What do you think the consequences might have been had he said (more)about Ataturk?

  2. He passed away in Istanbul not New York, and I wish Nasser was more like Ataturk btw, he buildt a secular state where the army save guards democracy and secularism, and he was a great tactician too..

  3. @Ramy

    are u kidding me ? !!

    the turkish army is interfering in civilian life

    it is not a complete democracy

    and why they ban Ataturk criticism ?

    What a farce !!

  4. mido any country that had the nerve to say NO TO IT'S PM AND BUSH durring the gulf war must be a democracy!

  5. The turkish army made several coups in the past but always gave the power back to a democraticly elected government, our army made 1 coup and never let go..
    Most democracies are not compelete nor perfect.. the americans for example have a 2 party system (other parties get squeezed out by the system) and their vote counting system is not "perfect".
    And Ataturk (his title) means father of Turkey, he is a symbol for modern Turkey, just like the queen is for Britan (insulting most royal houses is forbidden by law)
    Besides you can't blame him for what happend years after his life time, what he achieved in his life time deserves respect imho

  6. The turkish army made several coups in the past but always gave the power back to a democraticly elected government



  7. @Salma , at least he could be sent to jail for insulting the father of modern Turkey

    @Visit my click here , thanks

    @Ramy ,first of all thanks for correcting my info, yet regarding Ataturk even some Turks will disagree with you , my dear Youtube is banned in Turkey because some Greek Video mocking him for God Sake
    You are giving example to the British Royal Family , well guess what the Queen herself can be mocked in the UK and people do not go to jail in Europe , the Sex pistols' God Save the Queen is still there
    Regarding the army , well guess what up till now one of the reasons EU does not want Turkey in its club is that it is considered in the eyes of many a military country , the army in Turkey is a red line just like in Egypt

    @Mido,the army here defined the limit of democracy it permits and allows , when it feels a certain government will threat it , it acts quickly

    @anonymous , Turkey said No because of its national security in the first place

  8. @Mido I was comparing the situation in Turkey and Egypt so quoting half a sentence doesn't really prove a point.. like we say the 1 eyed guy is a king in the land of the blind..

    @Zeinobia I don't agree with the Turkish censorship on Ataturk I was simply trying to explain it, but I don't believe that to be his legacy. Also the same Greek who insulted Ataturk on youtube banned the Alexander the great movie because it insulted their hero..
    And talking about hypocrisy have you forgotten the fuzz and "crisis" talk when that stupid US movie compared Sadat looks to that of a dog? so what the hell?

  9. ow also.. if I flipped the finger to the queen here in Holland I will most definitely go to jail, like this guy, and note that holland is a very tolerant society...


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