Friday, September 4, 2009

Murdoch To Acquire 20% of Rotana !!

It seems that the Yahoo ! Maktoob deal will not be the only media deal of the year in the Arab region , Media mogul Rupert Murdoch wants to acquire 20% of Walid Ibn Talal’s Rotana Media empire !!

Al Walid already owns stake in Fox group if I am not mistaken and Fox movies and Fox series air on the Nile sat as part of Rotana group.

Now I want to say couple of things regarding this issue :

  • It is not a strange thing that Murdoch is interested in Rotana after all it is controlling music and films in a disgusting way in the Arab region.
  • Rotana channels if we exclude “Rotana Zaman” and “Al-Resalah”  are full of crap just like Fox and Fox news , Rotana Music channels are from the signs on how this region is suffering and how its youth are targeted to become shallow and ignorant. It is a natural thing that Murdoch would be interested in it.
  • Rotana unfortunately is controlling a huge part of our Egyptian cinematic and musical heritage , the matter which is discussed over and over by the intellectuals considering this heritage as part of our national security which should be protected from the greedy businessmen and globalization. I believe they were right , now Murdoch eyes that heritage and the 20% can go up to become 50% !!
  • Walid Ibn Talal is accused of spoiling the Arabic taste and morale with his channels whether Rotana musical channels or LBC , he is even a target for the conservative Muslims who can’t forgive him so easily even with having a channel like Resala Religious channel , I think his image will be harmed more with his new deal with Zionist Murdoch , it is not as if his image is good in the Arab region, it is bad , in fact it is worse and it is going to be worst with this deal.

I am totally against this deal, in fact I am against the domination of Rotana on our Egyptian and Arabic entertainment  scene , I swear I feel so sad and angry when I know that an Egyptian singer has joined Rotana or has renewed his or her contract with it !!


  1. 1. Murdoch owns The Wall Street Journal which reported such news

    2. Murdoch and rotana very old story .. I think Murdoch already owns a stake in Rotana and he is trying to expand to 20%

  2. Fox make many fails... look this -fail with Egypt in Fox News

  3. Part of the New World Order. Global government. Control the masses using media. You are pretty naive if you think that big business isn't running the world and controlling global entertainment.

    How come you haven't commented on this story?

  4. maybe he should hire adib he looks just like his buddy roger ailes! tx alot talal! talk about sleeping with the enemy!

  5. @Tafatefo, thanks for the clarification, it seems that Murdoch understood how profitable and important Rotana is.

    @Ruslantrad, yes this Fox New one of the major news channels in the States !! They do not know where Egypt is !!

    @anonymous #1, I know about the New World Order but shall we sit and keeping about these theories with doing nothing because they control the media !!

    @anonymous#2, I believe Al Walid owns shares in Good News 4 Me media besides Orbit ;)


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