Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where Are The Human Rights Organizations When They Are Needed??

Most of the Egyptian human rights organizations if not all of them call for the freedom of belief , which is basic thing in human rights . Most of these groups usually are active and vocal concerning the rights of non-Sunni Muslims in Egypt whether Shiite or Christians or Baha'is still for some reason I feel that they are not interested that much in defending the rights of the Muslim converts like they do with the other religions converts.

I am saying that because most if not of all the Muslims converts cases are used against Egypt abroad changing the facts that those converts converted willingly with no force or oppression on them.Some of the Muslims converts especially from minor girls or women sometimes are taken back to their families again where they are sent to monasteries , the action which I totally understand as Muslim but the fact those women do not appear again like for instance the famous Wafaa Constantine case which caused an endless debate up till now.

I believe that human rights organizations should be fair and treat all cases in the same way according to the same principle they believe in which is the freedom of belief for all and if they have clash with the Islamic institutions in this country regarding the other religions converts, then they must have a clash with the Church regarding the Muslim converts.


  1. There's an obvious bias about this issue from certain groups against not just Egypt, but any other Muslim country. The west is the foundation from where bigots and fanatics like Zakaria Boutros are based from. I'm not surprised therefore that they give minor attention to the plight of people who revert to Al-Islam.

  2. @Sultan 1923 , you know what bugs me really is that Zakaria Boutros dialogue is considered a hate talk and yet he is not being prosecuted for it !!


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