Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who Is Behind That Ad ??

Al Ahram Ad-Zakaa

 Terrorism has no religion

Be careful where your Zakat ends at

This public advertisement was published in Al Ahram last Thursday and I have couple of questions regarding that big Ad.

Can I know who is behind this ad ?? Can I know what party behind this ad regardless of this message ?? Is it the ministry of interior in Egypt or is it the American administration !!??


  1. Interesting!

    I saw those ads last week in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-Hayat and some Gulf & Iraqi newspapers. I assumed that they're targeting Iraqis, but I didn't imagine they would appear in Al-Ahram.

    It's definitely not the Egyptian ministry of interior that's behind this campaign, as it has no interest in readers outside Egypt and it's not facing terrorism funding problem.

    However, I contacted a friend at one of the newspapers that published the ads and he said that the mysterious client was reffered to as IDA in internal advertising sheets.

    Does anyone have a clue what this IDA is?

    I assume that the 'I' stands for Iraq or Iraqi, but this doesn't mean that Iraqis stand behind the campaign, considering the CIA's history of setting up puppet front organizations to lead the anti-communist propaganda behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

  2. I'm sure that it is not Egyptian because "Al Erhab La Deen Laho" movement is too old and its ads were always played on MBC group and other Khaleeji channels but what is new here is the "zakat" idea!

    However, it is a really nice ad!

  3. Saw this add on the Egyptian Mehwar channel.

  4. i was reminded of this:
    (US Tax Payers Funding The Taliban?)

  5. معلومه قد تضيف هذا الاعلان وشعار الارهاب لا دين له تم تعليقه في بعض طرق السعوديه ولوحات الاعلان منذ وقت يتجاوز العامين (الحملةالاعلانيه)واول مره شاهدتها قبل الجرائد كانت على الطرقات ساحاول البحث ربما قد اجد شيئا

  6. @Mohamed Hani, I saw them in Al Hayat and Al Sharq Awsat , in fact now I remember those ads in MBC about terrorism
    interesting info about IDA , I think it is the CIA

    @Ice Queer, Yeah I remember them now but what brought them to Egypt

    @Shafagh,it is not a surprise ,they already funding Israel more than funding the U.S. thanks to their government

    @Yazeed, but did it leave an impact in the Saudi society ???Did it provoke the Saudi society

  7. Regardless of the ones behind this ads. Even if it is the CIA or the Egyptian government. There is still something true in there. I am sure that some movements collect money from people in the name of religion and Zakah. I've noticed lately that every now and then some people at work give me an envelop and ask me to put some money in it as they are collecting money to build a mosque or to help a poor family somewhere. And to tell you the truth, most of the times, those envelops are fishy, and I had the feeling that they may be collecting money to some terrorist or at least even Salafy groups who will use the money to print books calling everybody out there a kafer or record tapes for the likes of Abu Is'hak El Hewiny et al.


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