Friday, September 18, 2009

Wrong Market !!

I do not think that those who were misfortune and spent some time in the ring road yesterday morning knew that President Mubarak made a surprise visit to …..Carrefour in Maadi !!
Yes President Mubarak made a so-called surprise visit to Carrefour store in Maadi to check on the conditions of the markets and internal trade in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear this is not a joke , he paid Carrefour a visit to check on the citizens and the conditions of the consumer markets in Egypt , again I repeat !!
I will not joke about it because already since the news found its way online and the jokes have been pouring like a flood , you do not mess with Egyptian people .
I will just say one thing , for those advisers of Mubarak ,for that entourage around him : Stop misguiding the old man because when he goes down , you will go down with him !!
Mubarak did not ask them to go Carrefour by himself , he did not know Carrefour , he knew nothing despite they want him to look like as if he knew every thing in the country , he knew what the entourage wants him to know .
If Mubarak truly wants to know how the internal trade is ,  how his citizens are doing in the feast season and what the conditions of his real country consumers’ markets are , he must visit some local popular markets like in Attaba or Rod El-Farag even an Egyptian local chain like “Awlad Ragab” not a French franchise owned by a Gulf investor !!!
The majority of Egyptians do not go to Carrefour I am afraid !!
The entourage wants him to look normal and close to the people but unfortunately they chose the wrong market to do so !!
Now I would like to share with you a pathetic report from the News sector in the Egyptian National , why do they are speaking about Carrefour and City Center as if they were owned by the State !!?? They are privately owned for God Sake , man it seems that they lied on Mubarak and told that this is owned by the ministry of commerce !!  


  1. believe the real mubarak has been cryogenized and the one u see at Carrefour is one of his double.

    see mubarak & his international clique want to be eternals:(

    those who govern us are zombies:(

    they have nothing to do with the real world, nothing in common with us, they are just puppets on the string, and

    that string is about to be cut of;)

    je rigole, enfin, à moitié;)

  2. حرام عليكى والله يا زنوبيا تفضحى الناس كده
    استرى عليهم دول ولايا

    انا برضه عندى تفسير لزيارة السيد الرئيس
    ياستى بيقولك كان فيه عرض على اللحمه امبارح فى كارفور اشترى كيلو تأخد كيلو
    اوم ايه؟ الحكومة قالت مش معقولة نضيع العرض ده مننا
    قاموا خدوا ابوعلاء وراحو يجيبوا
    لحمه من كارفور
    تقدرى تقولى حاجه فى دى ...
    بس والله براوه عليهم بقى كارفور مجمع استهلاكى يهم الشعب وكمان السلع متوافره بأسعار مناسبة طبعا والله فيك خير يا ريس
    اه يا مرارتى من الكدب

  3. I enjoy your blog - very refreshing, original and high-tech:-)
    I agree with most of what expressed here; however, I feel your sarcastic tone when you indicate that Carrefour is owned by a Gulf investor!! Is that one of the reasons making the supermarket chain a bad place for Mubarak to visit? Gulf investors are criticized if they don't invest in Arab countries; and when whey do, they are criticized as well for not investing in the "right" sectors.
    Regardless, Keep it up girl.

  4. @gabrielle, I do not know if we reach that stage in Egypt or not but I believe it is him , the man is old and obvious , Saddam's doubles were much younger than him

    @ayman, تصدق صاحبة جدتى فى المعادى قالت نفس الشىء امبارح لما سمعت الخبر عالتليفون
    ده كان رايح يشترى لحمة !!
    كان من الافضل ان يقول راح يزور كارفور كمشروع استثمارى مش مشروع مجمع استهلاكى

    @Tiger , I swear I did not laugh or make fun from Maged Al-Futtiam or his investments in Egypt , here I am attacking the official media which recognized Carrefour in its coverage as if it were a publicly owned commercial project not as a privately owned project
    I do not have anything against Arab investments despite there are some investments I object in Egypt due to the way they are operated but not all the investments

  5. I honestly felt sorry for him, he is clearly being mislead by his advisors and someone among them must really dislike him to advise him to go there and be mocked by the ppl. I am wondering, is it true that the son and the father are in a silent undercover feud? When Junior hits Egyptian villages (of course decorated and made to look pretty for him) while his father who is actually in office, is mislead into a MALL, doesnt that means something is wrong?

  6. You want him to visit Ataba? Are you on crack? Why not just say he should visit Mariotya or Damanhour?

    Seriously sometimes you are very naive in what you write. Carrefour is a shit place to shop anyways.

    If he wants to know the true state of the economy he should go to the Ever Empty of Customers, Omar Effendi downtown. Main floor was renovated but the remaining floors are depressing. Or better yet send him to Tawhid wa Al Noor whose variety and quality of goods has dropped significantly.

    But regardless, idea is stupid and it probably was a lookalike or something. Dude may be old but he keeps on going just like the energizer bunny.


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