Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 October Special : Field Marshal Ahmed Isamil

Despite his important and vital role in the 1973 Yom Kippur war very few people remember minister of war field marshal Ahmed Ismail , I do not know why may be because he died right after the war in 1974 or may be because he was a very quiet person. Anyhow we should remember him now and remember his great role May Allah bless his soul.
Dream TV 2 aired at the 6th of October anniversary a special documentary  about the life of the late field Marshal. It is highly recommended to watch.

I war truly amazed to know that the late field marshal who was the minister of war in Egypt took part of his pension in advance to prepare for his daughters’ marriages !! How many ministers do the same now I wonder !! I was truly amazed but let’s agree on something here , I believe part of our success and victory in 1973 that we have that type of respectable devoted men who did not care for the position or for the money but cared for this country and for their responsibility in front of God and in front of the people of this country in the right leading positions unlike what happened in 1967.
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I was surprised to know that the late field marshal was only 57 years old when he died because of cancer , he looked in the photos much older.


  1. according to this
    he wasn't that much of good

  2. Both men did not go along since the Congo but this does not mean that this or that was bad
    He was that much of good are big words , I wonder how you would describe Abdel Hakim Amar and his co-generals !!??


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