Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6th Of October Special: The Flag Of Our Fathers

“Mohamed Effendi We Raised our Flag”
محمد افندى رفعنا العلم
This is a popular song the generation of 1973 knows very well , it is about the first man who raised our flag over Sinai , over the Bar Lev Line which Israel claimed to be the strongest fortification this earth had seen !!
That man is simple solider Mohamed El-Abasi from Sharkia.

Mohamed El-Abasi was recruited in 1967 , just four days before the six days war and I do not think that he had ever thought that he would be the first man to bring back our flag in to Sinai after six years
Yes the flag in 1973 is different from our current flag but it is still the flag of our fathers which is ours.
The moment of raising the flag was not immortalized in films or photos , Mohamed Effendi’s flag was the first but it was immortalized in a song generation after generation know its first line.

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