Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6th of October War Special : General Abdel Manam Khalil

General Abdel Manam Khalil was the commander of the second army in the 6th of October of War , he assumed the commandership of the 2nd army during the war itself when General Saad Mamon fell ill.  General Khalil is a real veteran who fought in all Egypt’s 20th century’s wars starting from WWII till October War.

General Abdel Manam Khalil

General Khalil is so proud by Ra’s El-Ash battle  in 1967 , yes in July 1967 to be specific one month after our defeat in the six days war. He should be proud of it. Back in July 1967 the IDF tried to advance and invade Port Fouad yet the second army stopped it in a well known battle as Ra’s El-Ash.

Here is the photo of General Khalil in the past


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