Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Egyptian Crazy Pilot

This is a very popular video in Youtube among Egyptians and Arabs , it is known as the Egyptian Crazy Pilot , it was taken from a History channel TV series Dog fight in “DOGFIGHTS OF THE HOLY LAND” episode “Second season” {It was aired on the 10th of August 2007}

Now that Egyptian crazy pilot has a specific name and it is Hassan Salem El-Rafai and he is still alive unlike what was mentioned in the History Channel , this was not a desperate adventure of a mad Egyptian pilot with his poor MIG-21 , this was among the maneuvers the Egyptian pilots were trained for months on it . They already learnt from the Pakistani pilots in Syria , yup you are reading right.

The Egyptian pilot used this maneuver to escape from the IAF and he had been trained on it day and night , yet it is very hard and was known among the Egyptian fleet as the death maneuver.

I hope that you spread this post , you can copy it as you want , I just do not like lies.


  1. You can go to the official website of that channel and post that on the Message boards or just contact them through the site.

    That might clear things up for them.

  2. wow, even if it was trainded it is a great & crazy turn!!! I think even the israeli pilots talk in a honoring way about him.

  3. It really is a shame that the Egyptians were betrayed by that sneaky Jordanian kingdom (but then they are co-conspirators from day 1). Palestinians should get rid of that regime.

    Was this actual footage or a reenactment?

  4. @Medsha, I do not know if this will change anything because already the show was aired from two years anyhow Egyptian animators are making a film similar to this one

    @Rick , I felt the same thing but the fact that editors of that show did not bother to hear from the other side is making me angry

    @anonymous , this was a reenactment,the Jordanians should not be blamed for what their King had done , already they are the one who have the right to keep or get rid from that regime

  5. I hope that you spread this comment, you can copy it as you want , I just do not like lies.

    1) I would like to know how could Pakistani pilots train anyone on Migs 21 when their air-force never operated single Mig 21. And mainly how could anyone train a manoeuvre which had been considered to be impossible even by the elites of PVO CCCP, after 73 it has been never repeated and by MIG-21 documentation still described as impossible.

    2) What kind of idiot would teach such a manoeuvre because even if it was made successfully the result in such a low attitude would be total loss of energy and vertical climb directly into the aim of enemy. - that is why it's been nicknamed crazy pilot

  6. I 've seen the whole series of gofight two years ago .
    I've submitted a reply on this video in the utube website but i think it was not perfect enoguh beccause i was very angry. I suggest that any of u wright a better reply, it is very important to produce our own animation work at least to clear all the faked stories about our men. The time we are through is a very bad time actually it is a nightmare and new and old genratiion don't have any confidence in themselves. beleive me this will help much motivating all of us and searching for solutions of our undetermined problms

  7. i am Pakistani, my brother is fighter pilot in PAF sargodha air base, Every body in Pakistan know how our pilots and brave Egyptian and Syrian pilots fight in war , even Pakistani pilots shotdown 3 Israeli fighters :-)

  8. @John, I believe this manoeuvre is aimed to make the chased plain at the back of the chasing one; so it becomes the chaser. Training for such a manoeuvre can be done by starting with 6000 feet then trying with 5500 and so on.
    Also, this manoeuvre is not impossible as the Egyptian pilot proved it possible.


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