Friday, October 23, 2009

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden !!

There are calls online and offline that Egyptian female fans should watch the Egypt Vs.Algeria football match from their homes on TV and not in the stadium.
There is a considerable fear that there will be a nasty fight not in the playground but in the fan seats and thus ladies should not be there for fear they will be harmed !!
I wonder if this is going to be applied to young boys too !!
Anyhow this shows you to what level the media escalation between the two countries have reached to over a football match. 
Of course I do not like the comments of the Algerian football fans about Egyptian women , I read some in couple of websites and they made me so sick and angry but I do not and won't generalize because from the other side we got very rude people too.
The game will be in Cairo on the 14th of November 2009 and till then we will watch stupid racist and sad stuff from both sides over a ball kicked by the foot !!
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  1. It is sad indeed, i don't know if you had already came accross this or not (and i know that the chance that this is a set up from a third party still stands) but still, i think that we've reached a pitiful state that we now instantly turn our logic knob to "cannibal" setting so much as we hear the words football match!!

  2. @anonymous, this is so disgusting and sad !! How could the newspaper publish such comment !?!?

  3. I also found these which show how its also getting very ignorant and brainless on our side:
    they think its the freakin crusades!!!
    and OF COURSE... its never complete nowadays without a Hitler video which has obviously become indispensable to us at these times

  4. oh brother I have enough from this Hitler Video , once it is about Zamalak and now it is about Algeria , it is not even funny :(

  5. Oh dear GOD!!! now some lowlife creature dares to compare this nonsense "so called bravery" to the 6th of October war and what's obvious from some of the comments on several sites that we now have the natural tendency in our brains to reach this far...


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