Friday, October 9, 2009

Haim Saban Wants To acquire 50% of Al Jazeera Channel

First of all who is Haim Saban ??
He is Jew media mogul who was born in Alexandria in 1944 living in the United States and he was the producer of Power Rangers if you remember that old TV series which used to be aired in Ch.2. He is also a proud Zionist who is supporting Israel all the way.

Now Al Masryoon e-newspaper claims that he wants to acquire 50% of Al Jazeera Channel and this won't be the first time as reportedly his eyes are fixed on the No.1 News Channel in the Arab world "whether we agree with it or not"
It was said that he wanted to acquire half the Qatari channel in 2004 after a visit to its HQs with former U.S. President Bill Clinton "Saban was from the fundraisers of Hilary Clinton presidential bid"
I do not know why I am having hard time to believe this , may be he has really offered his bid but I doubt that he will find acceptance even if the Qatari regime approves the deal. This deal will affect negatively on the channel and will make it lose its creditability it managed to achieve after all those years.
Al Masryoon E-newspaper is too close to the regime and it is strange that it is the only newspaper to report this issue , it is enough that the Israeli newspapers are quoting it regarding this news !! The Egyptian regime hates the network so much and thus I am expecting that it would use this news or rumor against the network to prove how close the network and the Qatari regime to Israel to discredit it.
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  1. May be it could be related to how Al Jazeera was the only Arab news network providing proper coverage to what is happening at masjed Al-Aqsa? The other day, even Amr Adeeb admitted that they were the only ones giving us proper coverage for the escalating situation there given how serious the issue was. Likewise, I am not a sole fan of any newspaper or new network i.e. I weigh what i read and hear but i have to admit they do care so much about some important issues that others dont and they do have some nice progs sometimes.
    I hope this is a rumor. And to the former Egyptian Jew and Zionist, just a thought was he involved in actions against his then own country Egypt? We know that sabotage, plots and smuggling were carried out by Egyptian Jews who bought the Zionist crap.

  2. "he is jew media mogul ... born in alexandria" normally you appoint egyptians proudly as egyptians, even they left their country long time ago or were even born outside from a egyptian family. just a feeling..

  3. @anonymous, the timing is very interesting indeed
    Regarding Haim, he is a Zionist , Israel for him is his real country not Egypt

    @Rick , this is correct if they were not proud Zionists , Zionism and Egypt do not meet

  4. If this is true the sale will go through. You neglect the fact that the Qatari regime and Israel are on excellent terms and Shimon Peres has visited Qatar.

    Control the information and you control the masses. No press on what the zionists are doing to al Aqsa in the West. It doesn't make the 6 o'clock news. Why do you think that is?

  5. You have to stop using RUMOURS as a basis for your articles. First the gossip about the Egyptian actors and now this. The content of your blog is deteriorating rapidly.

    You can do better than this and you used to write great articles. I don't know what happened. Perhaps your blog is now run by state security personnel that want to keep those reading it busy with silly gossip columns.

  6. @ Rick: will you be happy if they appoint in your country someone who openly supports another country that threatens the country where he has been born and carries its nationality? Would you be at ease if they appoint a radical Bin-Laden supporter in a leading post in your country.
    Isnt it legitimate to question the loyalties of some Jewish Zionists who serve in very sensitive posts for e.g. in the U.S., especially since there were cases proving abuse of post to pass info to Israel?!

  7. as I know saban is not appointed to any post anywhere. (perhaps I´m wrong) he´s making money by buying and selling media companies. i don´t like this, too; because I think media should no be seen just as a company dealing with a product to make money, like for example ford or siemens. if he tries to maximize the profit out of the channel or following a content related angenda it will be worse for the channel, for shure. my point was: why is his ancestry denied? Zeinobia gave an answer. and I think it´s not right to do so. thats all.


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