Saturday, October 17, 2009

Looking For Official Report

I was looking for the Palestinian autopsy report of late Youssef Abu Zuhri which will either prove definitely that he died because of  torture like what Hamas and the photos of his dead body say or because of natural causes like the claims of the Egyptian ministry of interior but all I found were forum posts.

According to Arabic forum posts online the following findings were discovered in the autopsy of Abu Zuhri :

  • He died 4 days before the announcement of his death.
  • Part of his internal organs were stolen to hide the torture traces !!
  • The torture was focused on the chest, head and abdomen.
  • He was tortured by high voltage electric shocks for a very long time.
  • He lost his sight a month before his death.
  • His head was hit several times
  • He was tortured by all possible ways you can imagine.

Again this is forum post not from official statement , in fact I am searching for an official statement with these findings because they are very important in restoring back the right of Abu Zuhri !!

The ministry of interior claims that Abu Zuhri came to Egypt illegally despite he lived in Egypt with an official permission according to his brother !!

The ministry also claims that he used to operate an illegal activity which is tunnel smuggling!!??

Anyhow I believe the human rights organizations in Egypt must adopt this case because it is very important not only to our regional relations but our human rights records and struggle against torture.

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