Sunday, October 18, 2009

Orsacom Is Building Hotel Of Doom

Some of you know that Orsacom invests in North Korea , it is the mobile operator in Pyongyang , I know it is a strange choice but what can you say !!??

But most of you do not know that Orsacom is now completing the construction of Ryugyong Hotel aka Hotel of Doom !!


Yes Naguib Sawiris and Orascom are completing the construction of one earth’s ugliest and meaningless buildings I have ever seen.

I do not know if I should be proud or be sad , that money used in building that useless building could be used in feeding millions of poor north Koreans.



  1. labib armanious NY10/18/2009 12:51:00 PM

    huh so much for the so-called 'benevolent sunday school teacher' as he calls himself everytime he goes on charlie rose....i guess N Koreans don't count as 'people' to ibn onsi sawiris!

  2. @Labib Armanious NY, he appeared on Charlie Rose before investing in North Korea , I wonder what he will say when he appears there next time !!

  3. Shall we be a bit objective here!!! This man is providing this unfortunate country with a path to the middle age our present age! He is providing thousands of working opportunity for the N Korean nationals.. He is inviting them to join the rest of the world. Is it too much for him to benefit from his work??? Or should he giveaway all his fortune on benevolent acts to please the enemies of success. No offense to anyone


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