Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Steel Man Speaks About The Party Man

Today was the start of the national democratic party conference in Cairo and despite the confirmations of the party officials and icons that there is no succession going on , all indicators in the conference prove otherwise , I have seen at least magazines in the newspapers stand with Gamal Mubarak photos associated with the conference.
For your eyes only
Anyhow back to the main event , news agencies and also people like me are waiting from President Mubarak’s word in today , it will be aired 7:30 PM on air and just FYI there will be no surprises in it ; even if he says that he will run for office in 2011 , this is not a surprise news.
Up till it is a big circus where Ahmed Ezz and Co. are having the time of their life attacking the Muslim brotherhood as if the brotherhood the only force or the only people in the country !!
Ahmed Ezz today said lots of things that showed his real political level and also exposed the level of the NDP audience which cheered for him in a way that reminded me with the 3rd degree football hooligans.
Ahmed Ezz-2
Ahmed Ezz by the way has introduced Gamal Mubarak as the detonator of the development revolution in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you think that this is a little Cliché , what till you hear of the huge applause  from the NDP members for complete 5 minutes.
Here it is you can watch it

Why does he clap his hands like that ??

GM Superstar
 Gamal , the detonator !!
By the way I wonder who is paying the expenses of hosting international delegations from around the globe to attend this pathetic freak show !!??


  1. Why not write about the filthy rich and spoilt kids throwing eggs at taxi drivers and passerbys in prominent areas in Old Maadi as part of celebrating Halloween -- while the government does nothing?

  2. Did not know about this !!?? did you see it by your own eyes ?? tell us more please

  3. I wish Ezz and Junior get together and disappear into the sunset since they like each other so much and Im wondering how many will turn against the Mubaraks once the power is gone?

  4. @anonymous , lol @Ezz and Junior
    My dear all of them will turn against the Mubaraks ;)

  5. Ezz ist verrückt!!!!!!!

  6. lol let me tell you a story about Ezz junior 2 years ago. As you know hes short, like his midget father, he threw his bag ontop of a locker about 1.5 m high and he could we laughed at him to which he replied and pointed at each one of us saying "you, You and You!" ... "your dick my mouth"...just like his dad he takes it up the ass!


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