Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Youssry Fouda : Please Stick To Documentaries

Last week on the 6th of October anniversary Youssry Fouda presented on ON TV his 6th of October special , it was biggest night since leaving Al Jazeera channel.  There was an expensive ad campaign in the big newspapers like Al-Sharouk and Al-Masry Al Youm promising the viewers on that night of an excellent show about the war , it is a Youssry Fouda show.
Well the show came and turned to be a live show and really I wished that it were documentary !!!
You can judge by yourselves.

First of all why I have the feeling that this is a live show for what had said in his Al Jazeera documentary “ The seventh Day” !!
Second the only scoop he really made that night was hosting Uri Milstein , other than that with my all respect to him and his guests, it was not as expected from him. I know he tried his best showing rare footage which some of them were not related to the main event , what is the relation between Nasser and Amar home videos to the war in 1973 ??!! There were many things he could have discussed on that night but.. I do not know really !!
Youssry Fouda should stick in documentaries and leave the live shows , it is not his track , this won’t make less important or powerful than Mona El-Shazely and Amr Adib , on the contrary I do not think that El-Shazely or Adib could put a documentary show like him.


  1. Arab states with all that propaganda and "documentaries" reminds me Nazi Germany (after all I should not be surprised as Egypt welcomed top ex-nazi propagandists).

    The worst is that it has reached Europe - BBC and apologist for evil of brutal Islamic conquests of Europe - via Mr. Scud Stud "Rageh Omaar", a dump-jazeera reporter.

  2. Just for your information Egypt did not welcome top Ex-nazi propagandists , the ex-Nazis who came were in other fields like economy and defense and just to shock you more they came by American recommendation from the CIA to help the free officers
    and to add new shocks to you those Nazis were sent to Israel's ally in the region , the Shah of Iran also by American recommendation
    Now believe me after seeing couple of Israel IDF documentaries I know which is more Nazi
    I just want to know why you come here , seriously sir none of the readers of my blog are interested in knowing your racist views

  3. I love it CIA is behind everything.
    Johannes von Leers who was the second authority of Nazi propaganda after Joseph Goebbels. He was a big friend of the Palestinian Mufi al-Husayni who communicated directly with Hitler and received an SS officier rank^^, Hitler thanks to him once said that Islam served to Nazi purposes much more than Christianity.

    He had converted to Islam and moved to Cairo, serving in the Information department! -

    You have seen some Israeli IDF documentaries? Hmm I've asked my friend from Israel and he is not aware that the IDF has ever produced a documentary, might you could say some names so I will be able to watch it too?

  4. @John , you do not mess with someone knows very the history of the free officers dear , something it seems you totally ignore
    Amin or rather Leers came with a patch of the ex-Nazi officials by the recommendation of the CIA, he did not come alone , may be it is hard to you to believe but during that the CIA considered the free officers as their allies
    Leers seemed to misunderstood the teaching of Islam towards other religions "do not bother replying because I know what you will rant and believe unlike you I have important things to do"
    It is strange that the real Nazi criminals were deported to the States to work in its army factories but again this is the state
    I do not know why you always put the Religion factor in the equation may be because you are racist , I do not hate Judaism and Christianity unlike you
    Last time I checked the Nazis were Christians and I do not need to tell you how the Roman Catholic church hated the Jews
    You want to watch documentary , watch yourself in the mirror , you are their propaganda products dear


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