Thursday, October 15, 2009

Was Not That What Happened ??

Israel is yet again angry from how its portrayed in the Middle East TV !! Lieberman is mad at a Turkish TV series about the last Gaza war as it "portrays Israel as a murderer of children” according to him !!

Did not this what happened in this terrible war !!?? In fact has not this happened in every war Israel enters ??

Here is a part from the TV Series in Turkish

I am very interested in watching 'Ayrilik' ('Farewell') when it is aired on MBC , this will be better than Mohand for sure and the valley of the wolves. 

Of course Lieberman lost hope in making Egyptian drama love Israel !! There were three TV shows last Ramadan attacking Israel directly , of course they were so bad if we are going to speak the truth from the artistic point of view  but they won viewership especially Spies war

By the way this move from the Israeli part is very interesting as it comes after the decision of Turkey to cancel their air forces exercise where as it is going to have new military exercise with Syria


  1. Turkey? Which is murdering Kurds and occupies Kurdish land, Turkey, which murdered millions of Armenians and Greeks, Turkey which uccupies 1000s of sqare kms of classical European territory - Constantinopol, East coast of Aegean Sea and Cyprus .... hmm it's easy to point on others Turkey, innit ... in the end I will be the racist :)

  2. I'll be short and to the point.

    you have zero proof that any israeli solider deliberately shot halima in range zero and that she was not caught in some crossfire, as displayed in the libellous show above.

    I'm very far in my political opinions from liberman, but i am outraged at this.


    If there were enough cameras in 1941, I could post a photograph of the image burned into the memory of nissim kazaz - people climbing on board a bus, taking his dad and beating him to death infront of his very eyes. his dad's crime? being a jew. baghdad, 1941. we shall never forget, we shall never forgive.

  3. I agree with you 100% zeinobia. The Israelis have killed thousands of children in their seemingly never ending onslaught on Palestinians over the last 60 years. The Israelis have no say on this at all, especially since they're a constant proponent of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim propaganda. It's a joke for them to complain about this in all seriousness. I have my qualms about the Turkish govt, but you won't see a peep from me about this issue

  4. Well then, arab countries should be silent for centuries. Every arab knows to chant 'deir yassin' - but also every jew is taught about this dark occasion. but how many arabs know about the farhud? or the hadassah convoy massacre? nearly none. arabs are saints, jews are purest of evil.

    the blood of my brethern in the mass grave of baghdad still calls. murderers.

  5. @above

    W/e you say. Noone made any mention of the incidents you mentioned, and regardless, it is actually quite irrelevant to this topic. You can stop diverting and delving into double standards


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