Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What About Mohamed Naguib , Mohamed Ali Pasha and Ibrahim Pasha !!??

President Mubarak paid respect today to both Presidents Nasser and Sadat , already I do not know why he pays respect to President Sadat specially that he was not involved in the war directly !!?? And if he pays respect annually to Nasser, why does not he pay respect to President Naguib in the same way !!?? I am not saying that he would visit his tomb on that specific day but why not sending an envoy !!??

Was not he the first President of Egypt !!?? I am just wondering ; with my all respect to President Nasser but he was responsible for our defeat in 1967 and reconstructing our army with my all respect was not an option for him , he had to correct what he had done.

I know Mohamed Naguib did not have an impact in the 1973 victory but I regard the 6th of October 1973 is like our real National day. In fact I think the Egyptian president should pay respect to  both Mohamed Ali Pasha and Ibrahim Pasha , yes you read it right , Mohamed Ali Pasha the founder of Modern Egypt and our great modern army and his son Ibrahim Pasha who was one the finest warriors who fought under our Egyptian Flag in the modern age “Please do not give a lecture about their origins because in 1967 an Egyptian from an Egyptian origin made us lose a war up till now we are paying its price heavily !!”

This is our Arm forces Day in our Calendar officially and on that day from 36 years ago our army had dazzled the whole world in the same it dazzled that world in the 19th century when Mohamed Ali Pasha revived the Egyptian army again and started to build his short life empire. That war if I am not mistaken was our largest war since the time of Mohamed Ali Pasha’s wars.

I do not ask that he would go by himself ,he could send anyone , any general to their tombs with bunch of flowers, just to pay respect to these great men who contributed a lot to the Egyptian army and its great men.

P.S why does President Mubarak pay respect to both men on the 5th of October and not on the 6th of October ??


  1. Don't forget that Sadat was also assassinated on a later October 6, along with being the President at the time of the crossing. I've always thought Naguib deserved better than he tends to receive in popular memory, however.

  2. And what about the Brits!? Who formed borders of Egypt, using a ruler

  3. @Michael, Mubarak honestly pays respect on that day to Sadat , after all on that day he also became our President

    @Mido , I am trying to get more info about it

    @John, what about the Brits !!??

  4. Brits have built modern borders of Egypt nobody else.

    I know you all "hate" that time, but it's your problem, Ali Pasha was bigger socialist than Nasser. Where is the consistency ...

  5. @John, really by occupying our land , murdering our people and stealing our wealth , I do not know if you recognize that we were officially under illegal occupation.
    My dear in the same logic UK´s borders were not really in either ways
    John you hate Egypt and you hate us why you bother coming to this blog and please do not give the old crap of exposing your lies

  6. Because I still have many friends in Egypt and I want to stay in touch with news, I don't know whom I hate ... but I hate stupidities. Like this one:

    "really by occupying our land , murdering our people and stealing our wealth , I do not know if you recognize that we were officially under illegal occupation."

    Brits were systematically leaving all the colonized countries as they had realized that colonized countries prospered due to colonization more than the mother country - don't be so egocentric please.

  7. John
    Yes, Brits built Egypt like the US built Iraq and Afghanistan?
    Look who is talking about egocentric.. okay, you want to see the British "achievements" in Egypt?
    See this
    The above are the first steps towards modernization..
    Shame on you hypocrite, you should be ashamed of yourself, Churchill was a war criminal like Hitler, but Hitler is hurled with accusations just because he was defeated in WW2 while Churchill went with his cimes

  8. Hmm ten photos, stupid association of Colonialism with Iraq/Afgan war. If you want to have a serious, let me know, not this. I am not going to react on this stupid screaming with full of holes.

  9. @ John: The modernization of Egypt did not start at the time of the Brits nor did it continue thanks to them. The most significant steps to modernize the country on every aspect started during Mohamed Ali and carried on during the time of his heirs with the help of some Egyptian elites and intellectuals. The Brits were only interested in controlling the country and of course getting what they need from it as far as supplies are concerned, other than that they were not doing any thing for the benefit of the Egyptians and so, we are not thankful for any thing they did. On top of all that, instead of paying us compensation for exploiting the country for years and years and for using our land and supplies during WWII and getting bombed thanks to the U.K. and planting bombs in our Western desert, the U.K. showed us its humanity by designing and launching the 1956 War, which proved to be nothing but a big failure. The UK had to leave its colonies or most of them because the War send it broke and finished its dominance and paved the way for the then coming new power the US. Not to forget the worst thing your country did which is its role in the scam of a state called Israel.

    In all cases, you clearly live in the past and we have moved on and your comments speak volumes about your true intentions and clear racism. And if you do not see how in present times it is the UK who needs to be thankful to its former colonies which have bailed its financial institutions recently and of course remain its biggest market, then you must be blind.

    The UK has been sent to Afghanstan and Iraq by US orders and in the case of iraq against the will of the majority of its ppl. Yet, again trying to place your army where it does not belong and again we are not seeing any real efforts from the US or the UK to build what their own troops destroyed stupidly. You might not see it as colonialism but in fact it is and this is how the ppl of these countries view it, just like that part of Irland will always remain an occupied land. And if we know one thing for sure we know that occupiers will always end up leaving.

  10. Hmm this sounds more realistic to react, but not now as I am busy with work. Might during a weekend.

    pick me your mail here or check the updates :)


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