Tuesday, November 17, 2009

24 Hour

Ok we have got 24 hours before our big game with Algeria , it is not about which team will be qualified to the world cup now but about the battles we are expecting to take place between the Algerian hooligans in Sudan and in Algeria and the Egyptian hooligans in Sudan and the trapped Egyptian community in Algeria.
There is no difference between today and yesterday , the Algerian press is insisting on spreading hates and lies , Al Chorouk newspaper today was speaking about the match attacking Egypt in almost 20 pages of its 22 pages !!!!!

Al Chorouk issue 17/11 -
 Yesterday Mona El-Shazely managed to speak to one of that tabloid newspaper and all what I got from him was screaming and shouting which makes me believe that they know the level of crisis they manage to achieve between the two countries. El-Shazely in a polite way accused him of lying indirectly.
Already What Algerian Al Chorouk has done from creating a diplomatic crisis from nothing should be studied as example on how dangerous and irresponsible press can be. I do not know if I am precise in using the word “irresponsible” in describing the actions of Al Chorouk and its fabrication , we all know that in the Arab world newspapers can’t go in similar defamation campaign against other countries except with the approval of the ruling regime itself and this makes me wonder about the Algerian official involvement in this escalation. The Algerian minister of labor says something and in Egypt and another  thing in Algeria, ah by the way before I forget this man claimed that he were attacked in the Stadium , with my all respect all the high VIPs from diplomats and ministers sit at the main VIP box with their Egyptian counterparts including the Mubarak brothers , how could anyone touch him !!?
Another thing , that nasty rumor which will cause the murder of some Egyptian either in Algeria or in Sudan ; those Algerians who were killed after the match .. Again and Again the Algerian Ambassador has denied these rumors.Watch him below denying these rumors for God Sake , why no one wants there to believe him !!?? Why  would he lie ? Please do not tell me an Egyptian pressure !!??

The photos and those testimonies are inclusive as long as there are no real names , real bodies and real families , use their your brain people those dead people have families who won’t wait till the end of the match to demand their rights for God sake like the Chief in editor of that Algerian newspaper which I can’t remember its name claimed !!!??
I do not know what kind of game the regime in Algeria is playing there ,is there a hidden political crisis between the Algerian regime and the Egyptian regime in the background we do not know anything about !!??
The attack on Egyptian businesses and investments are still on despite the Algerian security measures.
The big Egyptian businesses and investments that have been attacked were the following :
  • Orascom Telecom
  • Arab contractors
  • Sewedy cables
and I assume ASEC also has its share too.
The middle size businesses owned by Egyptians also have been under attack up till now. The Egyptian community there is so scared more than you can imagine.Orascom telecom has the biggest shares of the attack , the hooligans have burned a whole factory owned by Orascom there not to mention they destroyed about 15 shops and branches associated and owned by Djeezy despite the attempts of the company to appear as pure Algeria. Djeezy has been  trying to keep its clients , I think they face a huge PR crisis and they are trying with all their powers to stay in the market. They offered two planes to Sudan for free and yet the press in Algeria are encouraging the Algerians to switch to local mobile phone operators as sign of patriotism.  I do not know if all these companies will be compensated or not , they came to invest in Algeria for God Sake !! Were it better to have a multi-national company investing in the country then ??
Below you can find a collection of videos showing our companies being attacked, please ignore the disgusting racist titles
To Sudan there are unconfirmed news that the Egyptian army has dispatched its elitist special force squad “777” to protect the Egyptian supporters and the National team there !!!!!
24 hours !! The problem is that they will be over and we will have months to reconcile the relations for real.


  1. "egyptian hooligans"?!! so far all we've seen are Algerian hooligans, in London, in France, in Cairo, in Sudan and in Algeria. I agree with the opinions saying our own media was involved but to some extent and now while we in Egypt are trying to calm things down, their fans are calling for us to get killed wherever and repeating their insults on every news portal they are on. If any thing, I feel for the Egyptian fans in Sudan and the Sudanese themselves and while Algeria has loaded fans w/o even passports and Sudan accepted them in along with Algerian security forces the officials in Egypt are doing their best as usual through phone calls. Where is the security for the Egyptian fans? where is Samir Zaher, why isnt the FIFA involved in this? if Egyptian fans were the ones burning things in France and Algeria would we have still been allowed to play the game? NO This is unfair and someone needs to learn that terrorizing others even by words is unacceptable and could disqualify your own team.

  2. our hooligans are our media figures like Tamer (El Beit Beitak his last name eludes me.) when he gave out the address of the algerians hotel and 'to go give them some company.' that was an act of hooliganism, he is our equivalent of CNN's Anderson Cooper, but my friends he is far from anderson cooper he as turned out to be well coifed hooligan in a suit that should be punished for inciting a riot!

    btw tamer is one of many media thugs on both sides that ignited this mess!

  3. @ Wael, I dislike Tamer of El Beit Beitak before this incident but I take it you forgot that Algerian authorities allowed their fans around and inside the hotel of the Egyptian team during the first match. Also, it was known where they will be staying a few days before their arrival so, while I also find it unprofessional from him he was simply trying to have our fans give the Algerian team a taste of the noise and discomfort their fans showed our own team in Algeria.
    Now, you can call our media figures hooligans but what can we call the Algerian media, politicians, a good percentage of the fans who now think they are going for a holy war? They've blamed it all on us even in Mubarak who dared to visit the team playing for the country he belongs to and for daring to ask them to win!!! Their own army for God's sake has been carrying the fans!! their own security officers are in Khartoum alleging they are their to keep their fans in line, yeah sure just like the managed to protect the Egyptians in Algeria

    I'm sorry but I do not think its fair to compare what we Egyptians have done to what they have and continue to do and if you do not believe me plz go and read what Shehata said and what that Rorawa said about the match and what Egyptians fans are writing and what their fans are writing. This country needs to be banned for sometime until its football fans realize they can not terrorize other fans and other teams like that

  4. The Algerians got mad mostly at the fact their team got attacked with rocks (wich was really unacceptable by the way), we played a very dangerous game in letting this happeneing and shouldn't act now as if we don't know why all this crazyness happen.
    In France the bus attack got everyone concerned and takin position for the poor algerians(sic) vs savage Egyptians, what's funny is that when Algeria win/loose some of their youths (not all algerians are profond retard though) burn cars, brake stores & even burn french flags...
    Sad story, next act tomorrow...

  5. Over here in the USA they use this strong emotions associated with sport competition to the better good. When two universities are fighting hard in the football field, they use this to ask the students to fight over who will donate more blood to the hospitals or which univeristy will donate more food for the poor.

    So is my Egyptain wish for today:
    I wish Ahmed Azz or Nagib will announce that he will donate 3 millions (similar to the prizes to the football team) to the Algerian or the Egyptian university that can make a football team out of robots that can win against the Algerian robotic team.

    This way you motivate the universities in the two countries and the whole Egyptian and Algerian people to make hugh progress on science.

    If only a rich wise guy in Egypt can read my post. I wish Ya Rab!!

  6. @ egyptian in the usa,

    i guess you're not familiar with the pernicious rivalry between the boston redsox and the new york yankees. try walking around the south bronx in a redsox jersey and lets see you blog about 'friendly rivalry.'

    hooligans are everywhere my friend not just in the middle east and europe!

  7. I think there is something bigger going on in Algeria and as you mentioned before that it is related to health condition of the algerian president , i think that this is true.
    I think his condition is critical and the algerian community has to focus on something else.
    Really iam waiting for very bad news if we won and are qualified to the World Cup , what will they do??

  8. I was really excited to learn that Egypt and Algeria were playing and I looked forward to finding out who won. Imagine if an Arab country made it to the finals! However, as I followed the events leading up to the game, and then after the game I must say I was really saddened by the conduct on both sides. Really sad that even in sports the Arabs could not be united..what does that say about us? We are showing the world and our children a really ugly side of ourselves..if we can't respect ourselves why on earth should anyone else? Arab against arab..shame on us!

  9. @Lili, with all due respect i want this to be a fair match for the good of our ppl I do not care about how or what the self-proclaimed developed West views us or how much they are mocking us for something theyve done in even uglier ways. I dnt get why Arabs or MENA ppl care so much for how the West view them, theyll never be happy and when it comes to hooligans they have loads. Now, I think they are shocked because the ppl of the two countries were friends and shared sacrifices and thats the puzzling thing.
    @Ahmed: I didnt know Bou Taflika is sick, well Mubark is very old imagine if both went up up in the sky today, el 7al men ba3do 3andena we 3andohom

  10. @Anonymous....to clarify, I was not necessarily referring to the "self proclaimed developed West". The West is not the world to me. However,I agree that the reaction is puzzling..

    By the way, I enjoy reading this blog very much including all the comments. Wishing Zeinobia and her readers all the best.

  11. your brother from the uk
    salam alikoum
    you know guys this probleme and this tension is all due to the agression of the bus of algerian team and people in the authorities "algerian and ejyptians" could do end to this shame situation people here in the uk ask me if it's true that the algerian national hymn "kassaman" is writen by an algerian and tuned by an ejyptian
    every comunity have bad and good people so if aur bads do something bad and wrong we have to stop them and we as educated peaple have to thrive and do evry penny to calm down and controle this stupid story
    russia and the united states have turn theier defferences into a positif derection competiting each other in sience and fruitful domains
    beleave me it's all about politic and politic makers from inthere algeria and ejypt and from outhere
    i wish that who can present the arab football honestly will qualified and i wish more that things will stay in cotrle in sudan

  12. When two ENTIRE big nations like Egypt and Algeria get this deeply and intensely involved in what's going on right now over a freakin' game, THIS IS FREAKIN INSANE!

  13. @ Anon from UK, you are right the regimes are liking or encouraging this but the do not you think many Algerian fans are taking this too hard, while most Egyptian fans just want to watch a game?
    Im an Egyptian girl living in London going in a little bit inshallah to watch the game and cheer for my country and going while Im afraid of what could happen to us, I feel we are being terrorized because we are cheering for the opponent is that fair?! I love Algeria and hope my country is always welcoming all but is this fair? there seems to be very few reasonable voices coming from there and they think if they beat or touch an Egyptian the Egyptian fans wont return the favor!!


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