Monday, November 16, 2009

Amr Adib And Ahmed Moussa’s moments

Many of us will always this match between Egypt and Algeria for different reasons ; may be for the tension or for the game. I will always remember it because of the tension, the game itself and how that goal came in the last moment , the moment Mubarak sons were cheering , the tears of Hassan Shehata and how Amr Adib and Ahmed Moussa danced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand that Ezzat Abu Oaf is busy in the CIFF but it would have been better to have him instead of the unofficial ministry of interior spokesperson in the Egyptian media aka Ahmed Moussa !!!


  1. oh god please take amr adib the dog wo hate almost 120 millions of arab
    amr we hate you

  2. where are the smart and intelect journalists in egypt?what areyou doing?please comeback to the common sense,egypt is better than that,it was just a game of soccer,come on!if you insult anybody you just insulting yourselves.if you consider yourselves as the top of the arabs countries than behave like one and try to stop the can do better than that,so please.


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