Monday, November 9, 2009

Lovers’ Reproach

Last time Egyptian journalist and Farouk Gowaida astonished those who waited for his new poem on TV ; this man described Egypt and its suffering in poetry in a way I could not imagine it.

You may remember from few years the State security requested him to come to their HQ to ask him about the meaning of a specific poem he published and after that unpleasant meeting he entered the hospital.

Despite being an Ahram journalist Gowaida managed to expose several economic and political scandals ; for instance the sell of huge pieces of Land in Sinai to Qatari businessmen who were agents for Israeli companies. He is against the regime in his own way and I believe because he is famous internationally with moderate views the regime can’t get rid of him '; they can’t say he is a communist or a MB or working for the American..etc.

Farouk Gowaida was so moved by the NDP annual circus or carnival as he called it and thus he decided to write a poem not about it but about Egypt ; our love. The Poem is called :  This is a lovers’ reproach and the lovers are Egypt and the simple Egyptian citizen.

I do not know if the State security will call him this time or will they unleash their representatives in the official press to attack him or what this time.

I am looking forward to post his interview including the poem here insh Allah.


  1. The poem is really nice...very touching and smooth

    forgive me Zeinobia,what does MB mean???

  2. Muslim Brotherhood , it is much easier ;)


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