Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nous Sommes Tous Fatma, We Are All Fatma

Fatma Riahi aka Fatma Arabicca is a Tunisian blogger who was arrested on the 2nd of November 2009 by the criminal Brigade Gorjani in Tunis for defamation and  being the woman behind “Debat Tunise” blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Strangely Fatma is the only one behind “Debat Tunise” in fact she is be behind it at all as the blog continued to post cartoons after arrest but what can you say !!??
46063275 This is the last cartoon published in the “Debat Tunise”
Fatma’s blog as you can see has been closed despite according to the information I could find the 34 years old Tunisian blogger spoke only about her dreams in freedom of expression , of course this is considered as an insult and an attempt to rebel against Ben Ali !!
Tunisian bloggers believe that Fatima was arrested in an attempt to know the real names of those behind “Debat Tunise” blog , hopefully they will fail.
The trial of Fatma is expected to be next 9th of November
I am not really surprised at this , this is Tunisia under Ben Ali’s rule , it is not a strange thing , the strange thing is how the world watches in silence giving no damn , may be because I do not need to tell that Ben Ali is the West’s ally and he knows to play very well. Of course one day Ben Ali’s regime will be down and the Tunisian people will be free and remember those who supported that dictator and those who supported them for real. Believe people do remember very well.
You can find the news of Fatma in this blog , please support her.
 Update : 
Fatma has been released today :D 
This is really good news.
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  1. she would never be released if she was an islamic.

  2. Hi Zeinobia,

    I have been following you blog for some time now, and I must say, I am deeply impressed,moved and enlightened by it.

    I am an Indian, currently working in Cyprus, and have been to Egypt twice, and also to Israel and Palestine once. I loved each of my travels, and my infatuation with Middle East is deep.

    I love your instinctive and unabridged love for your nation, and also your rational and modern thoughts on democracy, religion, feminism, conflicts and Arab-Israel relations.

    It is hard for an outsider to gauge, leave alone feel, the implications of the Arab-Israel conflict. But deep inside, I have a real urge to understand it, now that everyone's life in this world is connected. Your blogs are definitely helping me understand the region better.

    I can keep on talking, but I think, for now, it should suffice. Anyway, I too blog, not as regularly and extensively as you do. If interested, you can view that.


  3. How can you appreciate the editor of this blog with a feminist attitude? This woman (Zeinobia) is against any form of sex whatsoever and does not condone the use of a prostitute in either her home country or abroad yet is saying nothing is wrong with a young woman cleaning her E-class Mercedes each morning or doing her nails.

    Ba3den heya teshteki 3ala el ta3asob el gensi...

  4. Bravo,Zeinobia! Free Arabicca!


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