Friday, November 27, 2009

Part of Mona El-Shazely’s Intro

First of all there is a good news : Mona is still in Dream , at least this is what I get from the repeated promo in the channels. Second of all there is a part from Mona’s firing intro last Wednesday that reached to the internet at last , you can’t imagine how I searched for it “Thanks Hanady :D”

Up till now there is apparent reason why Mona went ballistic like that ; there are three theories :

1) She showed how the Israeli press covered the whole crisis.

2) Earlier this day there was a firing meeting between the heads of the private channels to discuss the coverage of the game with lots of criticism to TV shows “Strangely her TV show was less vocal unlike other TV shows”

3) As concerned citizen she is fed up with the government.

You must know that the Egyptian Ambassador in Sudan spoke last night on TV angrily. I also noticed that press ignored her too and I do not know why ; she did not speak more than we are saying.

And to remind you ; here is Aisha Abdel Hady’s Royal moment.

I want to say something , I read some stupid comments from Algeria attacking Mona , with my all respect you do not know Mona or what kind of program she presents and I doubt that you have a program like hers or a TV personality her in your media !! Also please think outside the box of football federations and associations , it is not about defeat ; it is about a whole system failure. Please think about that when something bad happens in your country and you can’t express on TV.


  1. Hello. Thank you for the's what came to my mind right away...wouldn't she make a good candidate for President..or vice president...she is very well spoken and personable. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Z, thanks so much for posting this video so ppl like us overseas could watch it. Thank you again and you are awesome and keep up the good work and keep us inform!


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