Monday, November 30, 2009

Princess Ferial Farouk in Photos And Videos

Late Princess Ferial had lots of photos in public and also in private during the royal years more than any of her siblings , here are part of them

The late Princess captured the hearts and minds of people around the world when she spoke for the first on Arabic Channel MBC about herself then her brother then about her father in exile with Ricardo Karm. Karm for sure owed for the Egyptian royal the big return on TV, not so many are interested in watching Farah Diva but many were interested to watch and hear the princess of Egypt for the first time.  
Of course the more focused interview with the late Princess was with Amr Adib ; I believe that interview was one of the most important interview Adib has done during his career regardless of what I think about him. “Here is what I thought about it

Her last televised interview with Maslmany on Dream TV 2 and up till this moment I have been searching for it online, already it caused controversy in Egypt.
By the way the Royalists in the facebook have opened a virtual condolence book  for the princess and I hope from the Nasserites and nationalists to respect the royalists and leave them alone. This is not an opportunity to express political points of views ; it is an opportunity to show some civilized attitude.
Tomorrow the funeral is expected to held after Al-Asr prayer at the Rafai Mosque , also the memorial service will be held there. Suzanne Mubarak has called both Yasmine Sharawy and former King Ahmed Fouad yesterday to share the first family condolences . King Ahmed Fouad will arrive with the body of his sister tomorrow.
Ex-Queen Farida with daughter Princess Ferial

  • The former royal family and the coffin of the late princess will arrive Cairo airport at 7.05 PM Cairo local time on the board of Egypt
  • The burial will be 8 PM insh Allah
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