Friday, November 6, 2009

Remembering The 5th Of November

I really wonder why every time the Suez war or the Suez Crisis is mentioned or remembered in the media , it is considered more of a diplomatic crisis that led to military conformation than from a real war that caused the destruction of a whole city and the death of innocent civilians for no good reason except economic and political domination.
I do not know is it because Port Said had seen another war in less than a decade or what that the world has forgotten how its people had suffered in those terrible days or what exactly that suddenly no one remember those terrible scenes I see in the photos and I read in the stories who lived and saw their houses destroyed and their families killed in front of their eyes. We are not whiners , in 1956 despite the fact that two powerful countries unleashed their hell on the city , the honorable people of Port Said stood defending it in a legendary way but it makes me sad that no remembers this.
This slideshow below includes few photos from Port Said in 1956 , they show a little piece of the destruction the city suffered because of the Anglo-French attack on the Suez Canal cities.

You can find more photos here from Modern Egypt’s memory
There is no excuse what so ever to UK,France and Israel to unleash this war , there is no real excuse what so ever despite their claims which do not meet the death and destruction they caused in Egypt. There were terrible war crimes committed by the three countries and as usual they got away with it despite the fact at that time they were and up till now are chasing the Nazis for their crimes against humanity.
What is difference between Joseph Mengele and that doctor who took the eyes of Mahran in Cyprus ??

Picture-071Nothing both were war criminals who thought they are greater than those helpless people under their scalp , the only difference is that the doctor who took the eyes of Egyptian Mahran got away with it !! Man I wish to know who that doctor was and what happened to him , in fact I wish to know how that British soldier who was given the eyes of Mohamed Mahran saw the world through Egyptian eyes !!??? I wish some day we get to that doctor and prosecute him for crimes of war , he should be exposed for his crime. The Nazi hunters looked Hiem for decades and we should do the same for that butcher who took the eyes of Mohamed Mahran !!
Mohamed Mahran does not want to say his name and I do not know why but we can know it from the records and reports if we want !!
Egyptian people do not whine and the evidence is how we re-built Port Said twice in the 20th century after two awful wars , we do not whine but I believe we should remember all those great people who died in Port Said whether unarmed or armed defending their country , they should not be forgotten ever.
By the way here are very rare news reels from UK about the protests against the war Eden launched on Egypt.
Here was a speech by Hugh Gaitskell , the  leader of opposition demanding the resignation of Eden.

Here was a students protest in Glasgow condemning the war

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  1. Dear Zenobia\
    Thanks for remembering these Days in Canal area. People suffered alot during immigration, and wars.


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