Sunday, November 15, 2009

Speaking Of Integrity

The sedition is asleep , God damned whoever awakes it 
Prophet Mohamed "PBUH"
Algerian echorouk is from the biggest newspapers in Algeria and I believe it is insult to its role in the media to mislead the millions of Algerians with this false headline

The greens destroy the pharaohs’ arrogance
Excuse me !!?? Ok may be this is why in the end the Algerian team was on the verge of crying and its fans were insulting the Egyptian fans who did not do anything except cheering naturally
Also this breaking news “ 6 Algerian fans dead bodies reached to the Hawary Boumediene airport and another 11 bodies in the way !!???” { Al Chorouk removed the news}
Dead people , are they kidding me !!?? Already if you read the news you will find a real credible official source stating that Algerian fans were killed in Egypt !! In fact what is worse they go on saying that the dead bodies entered the country from the rare gate of the airport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dead bodies do not go like that to Cairo airport as they were smuggled goods for God sake !!?? What kind of tabloid newspaper is it ?? Where are the names of those victims ?? They must have a name and surely that Chorouk heroic delegation in Cairo that saved 400 Algerians can have their names so easily !!??
And what this nonsense that Ahlam Mosteghanemi wanted Mubarak to receive the Algerian National team in the airport instead of visiting our national team   !!!!!!!!!!!!?? Are you kidding me !!??
Officially there were 32 injuries only from both sides after the game, all these horror films the Algerian media claims did not happen. FYI the match was ideal one , it is enough that up till now there was no reported single sexual harassment incident.
What kind of game they playing with the Algerians !!?? And they blame us on enlarging matters !!??
You know I am wondering now about the health of Bouteflika  , the man has not appeared publicly lately and it will not be something strange if the Algerian media is diverting the people  by this game !!??
Where is our freaking Embassy from all these lies about us ??
I know it is a freaking game , I am saying so for weeks but I do not like to be insulted in this way as I am in the end an Egyptian citizen.
Update : 
  •  The Cairo Airport has denied the rumors who Al-Chorouk published and pulled from its website , of course the rumors are spreading now like fire in Arabic sports forums.
  • Algerians do really believe these rumors and I feel sorry for that because I know our Egyptian community will pay the price of these disgusting rumors.
  • Sorry the Egyptian community is paying the price already :
                  - Egypt Air office in the capital has been destroyed. "@ 8.Rue Didouche Niourad"
                  - Egyptians in several Algerian states are reporting to the Embassy and the Egyptian TV channels that they are currently under attack.
                  - Now it seems that Orascom Telecom's company in Algeria is being surrounded by hooligans , 5 thousands hooligans throwing stones in Wahran"I think it is DJezzy"

                 - The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs said that it could not control what was going in Algeria and it would coordinate with their Algerian counterpart.... bla bla bla Abu El-Gait will wait till we get our Egyptian community in coffins !!
                  - The Algerian Ambassador has denied officially all these rumors that Algerians were killed because of the match 
                  - Currently there are great Algerian neighbors who are protecting their Egyptian neighbors from the hooligans.
                 - If our media were irresponsible, the Algerian media should be responsible for real and stop spreading lies

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  1. Algerian Are attacking and beating Egyptians in Algeria in responds to the fake dead Algerians
    I don't know how long would we remain like that
    all this over stupid a football game

  2. your stupid egyptian , there are photos of dead algerians . Your country is a zionist country with a zionist president. Shame on you , 6 dead algeriens. fuck you man , and you are so stupid when you say that algeriens hit themselves with stones. There are videos that shows when egyptians apes throw stones at the algerian team and algerian fans.


  3. Why isnt the Algerian Presidency denying this officially? You are so right most Algerian comments on news websites show they believe the fake news and im so worried for those Egyptians in Algeria and elsewhere.
    Seriously, if so much as one Egyptian is hurt this will turn ugly

  4. Algerian players where attacked before the game.
    And please don't tell me this is fake, the whole world saw it. Algerian are not that good in producing this kind of soap. Not like you guys.
    Violence in sport exists, but when you have the police, the administration and the poeple seeing all that injustice and not saying a word... they become accomplice.
    The media war stared with Amr Adeb with his declaration.
    Then the Algerian Government didn't respond and acted as a slut... with all due respect to the prostitutes.
    I am personally against violence... really I am, you are just harvesting what you sowed.
    What Algerians faced in Egypt was institutional organized violence.


  5. 1 - الفتنة نائمة لعن الله من أيقظها
    الراوي: أنس المحدث: محمد جار الله الصعدي - المصدر: النوافح العطرة - الصفحة أو الرقم: 218
    خلاصة الدرجة: ضعيف

    2 - الفتنة نائمة لعن الله من أيقظها
    الراوي: أنس بن مالك المحدث: الألباني - المصدر: ضعيف الجامع - الصفحة أو الرقم: 4024
    خلاصة الدرجة: ضعيف

    3 - الفتنة نائمة ، لعن الله من أيقظها
    الراوي: أنس بن مالك المحدث: الألباني - المصدر: السلسلة الضعيفة - الصفحة أو الرقم: 3258
    خلاصة الدرجة: منكر

  6. To the very rude Algerian Anon, your own language shows how true the stereotype about Algerians is. No one here insulted Algeria so, learn how to make your point in a respectful way.
    So, what excuse do you have for the violence in France? or is it just normal for you guys that whenever your team losses you torch up things and attack any thing that relates to your opponents in any country? dont you know how to communicate with others without using violent ways? May be this is normal behavior in your World but it is certainly criminal behavior in every single country in the World. Its not our fault you mistrust your own officials and decide to block your minds and accept the lies of a newspaper that just wants to sell more to morons who are ready to believe any thing. If there were dead ppl be sure there were several international news agencies covering the event and wouldve reported it. If the bus incident was true the FIFA wouldve acted differently and your own officials wouldnt have suddenly became hush hush about it, think about it for a second we wanted the match to go on and we won why would we attach any one while we were celebrating? and who benefits if the match doesnt happen or ppl are injured? Your own side not us. You have serious issues regarding violence and the calls to kill any Egyptian for a football match reflects how easy killing is. Weve been so nice so far but mark my words if one Egyptian losses his life because of this you will see hell youve never seen before. And remember what all the news networks have show is respectful Egyptian fans and Algerian hooligans in Cairo smashing Airport gates, destroying Egyptian businesses and attacking defenseless Egyptians in Algeria (while Algerians living in Egypt are safe and protected) and torching up and destroying businesses in France. Now explain that and think how does that reflect on how others see you and your own country. BTW, my heart goes out to Sudan. I really hope the authorities there realize what they will be dealing with and I hope its good ppl wont suffer because of this event at the hands of these hooligans.

  7. The ignorance of an arab/muslim people, who talk about one another badly, trying to spread fitna amongst themselves!!! U have all fallen for the trap of media propaganda!! you are all fools!!! This is what the media wants you to believe!! And the yahuds and there free mansonry presidents, Mubarak and his Algerian Counterpart are laughing at all of you. You are like pawns on a chessboard, being ordered to do something without actually knowing it!!!

    this is a football match, not a war!!! but your own governments and those who control the media have created this war of words and you have all fallen for it!! i feel sorry for all of you!!! each group of fans celebrating the success of each team!!! you havent even qualified yet, so why are you celebrating???

    I tell you why, its because you have no hope in this world, other than success in football!!! your own governments have stripped you from your freedoms in life and have tarnished ur images of one another and thats why you are arguing and cursing eachother about false lies and accusations!!! this has been going on for decades!!! this is a long running rivalry!!!

    I suggest u all wake up and realize that you have all been fooled by ur own people, ur own governments!!!

    Inshallah you will all rise up against this fasaad that has been established!!!

  8. merci les verts les 36 moillions moudjahines l eypte va pleure toute sa vie pars ce que les vetrs 1 2 3 vertsmomaed des usa algerien


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