Sunday, November 22, 2009

Watch This Video

Please watch this clip from yesterday’s episode of “Cairo today” , please focus on the videos which will be shown in the middle , of course you must know that package Amr Adib holds is the package of the Algerian ministry of interior’s special “fighting forces” meal which was given to those thugs brought in the C130 air jets.


  1. Forget about this man he's a piece of sh#t and one of the biggest reason of this fiasco spreading hatred from the beginning.
    Once again we're fighting against the wrong peoples...
    Go back to daily routine & important matters.
    We've made mistakes and should admit it, on the other side algerians can give lessons but they have their part of guilt wheither they admit it or not, we shouldn't give a f#ck.
    If you're that angry at the Algerians don't waste you're time, just watch worldcup :) if they play France you'll don't have to search for 'fabricate' evidence about blood & violence...

  2. Z, Didn't we have enough trouble already of this? I will assume for a minute this did take thugs out of prison and send them to the "game". Don't we even do way more horrible crime than this ? We take out thugs from prison and send them to block the voters from election !!!!! Does it make it any better that we do this crime against our own Egyptian people ? I don't think so.

    Back to this package thing. Why make the assumption that this package of food only is given to soldiers or criminals? this would be equal to the assumption that the NDP flight tickets are only given to politicians

  3. I don't know what do you want exactly , Zeinobia? , The matter is simple and clear , The Algerian government took care about the Algerian crowd [ most of them are young and have no money to for travelling ] , it gave them money and food , Te Source of foods are Military restaurants [ ready-made foods ] , This video is worthless.
    and Your Blog becomes more worthless day by day , believe me.
    I'm so sad for you , you don't wanna accept the simple truth which it is you are out of WorldCup!

  4. Z, You became so pathetic

  5. I would like to thank you for your effort spreading the truth about what happened.
    At least someone isn't giving up

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  6. I think too that vagabond has a point. Algeria have problems with France, not with Egypt. The day when Israel again attacks we are sorry for all this BS.

  7. Well, while I agree that the bag is not a strong evidence. we can not forget that the thus issue was first brought up in videos made by Algerians threatening Egyptians and their own media saying they sent respectful Algerians to Cairo but in Sudan they are sending the lowest of all those who have mothers that wont ask for them if they never came back! BTW, did they all go back?


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