Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kolena Laila : We Are Strong Arab Ladies

This year our dear Kolena Laila went from local borders to regional Arabic borders with posts from around the Arab world in amazing blogging experience. Some people especially from men consider the Kolena Laila as an experience to whine and to curse the man who enslaves woman ..etc well for sure the Arab woman suffers a lot and for sure after all those years , the world especially the west has this perception of the Arab woman as the weak lady who only will be liberated by the help of the west and its values but ..

I just got tired from this image and this perception,again yes part of this image is true the Arab woman as an oriental woman suffers from the male domination which I believe exists all over the world but in different percentage in different ways through out the time. Arabian women are not that weak and they must know that. Through out our great history we had these wonderful bright examples starting of strong powerful ladies from Queens to religious icons to to national heroines to 20th century’s pioneers to simple ladies in their homes serving and protecting their families.

I do not know why the world ignores a woman like Dr. Samira Moussa as a brilliant example of an Arab woman scientist or like Djamila Bouhired as an Arab woman warrior or like Safia El-Sadat who stood in front of a whole society to defend her marriage from a man regarded to be from a lower different class. Even from our old history we had bright wonderful examples of strong confident  ladies like Asama Bint Abi Baker , Lady Fatimah and Lady Zeinab. There are thousands of strong successful Arab women in different positions from scientists to CEO and yet no one shads the light and speaks or celebrates these achievements as if we are only used to dark sad examples.

These examples must be highlighted and remind people with how successful an Arab woman can be despite all the challenges and hardships in the way without the help of anyone.


  1. You are pro-women rights when you want to dictate how women should use their bodies. Those oriental values ...

    And it is usually not westerners. Women, creating institutes are usually ex Muslim who were legally sexually abused or married at the age of 6.

  2. Hi, Thank you very much for your wonderful write up. I am a blogger also and I am living in Saudi arabia and born in Philippines. I am a writer that is trying to open some mind and heart specially to those who like to widen their knowledge about what is really outside of their Jail that has no bars. It is really different but they need to open up their mind. HEY this is the new world, if they have tradition and culture that is always there BUT WOMEN IS PART OF THAT TRADION, WOMEN IS PART OF THEIR COMMUNITY ANS WOMEN IS PART OF THE FAMILY THAT MAKES THE NATION WHOLE. In such case they have equal right, let them surprise the world. Let them explore what they have. Give them the right to live not just to exist.


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