Monday, December 28, 2009

Mounir’s New Year’s Eve Concert To Be Cancelled !!!?? "updated"

There are news circulating that the ministry of interior has canceled Mohamed Mounir’s annual New Year’s eve !! For several years now Mounir is used to have a concert on the new Year’s Eve attended by thousands of his fans in the Cairo opera house , it became an annual custom in Egypt.
I do not have doubt that this iron wall has a hand in this.
Updated : 
It turned to be a false alert !! It is a rumor , Mounir is going to have to his night as usual insh Allah
Updated : "29/12"
It turned to true, Mounir's concert is canceled !!


  1. Sudanese Observer12/28/2009 10:52:00 PM

    Sorry your New Years celebrations have been disrupted but Mounir is a thief..of the cultural intellectual property of Sudanese artists, plagiarizing their songs and peddling it off as 'Nubian folklore', even Nubian folklore is legally registered in Sudan. He's being sued and most rightfully so.

  2. Mounir is an artist and 'quotation' (more apt than theft) has been used for many a millennia by the greatest master artists! It is the nature of the game my dear sudani!

    for the record why are you so bitter?

  3. Sudanese Observer12/29/2009 01:28:00 PM

    In English I am Sudanese, I am سوداني in an Arabic language context.

    FYI there is a branch of law called 'Intellectual Property Law' which deals with products of a person or group of peoples' intellect(s) that has commercial value.

    Infringement of intellectual property rights is only 'the nature of the game' to those who take and profit from that which is not lawfully theirs - i.e. thieves.

    The evidentiary basis for Mounir's plagiarism is well established by those familiar with Nubian language, culture, folklore, artists, poetry and songs - are you familiar with all of the above?

    If not then your judgement and opinion is only presumption as the issue is before the courts.

    I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the Sudanese blogosphere where you'll find many opinions like mine which are uncompromising in their demand for 'respect'.

    The fact that the real underlying issues that are causing antagonism are not recongnised and labelled as 'bitterness' reaffirms the seriousness of the perceptual schism between Egypt and Sudan (on so many levels) that is indeed hundreds of years old and with a lot of evidence to boot.

  4. wow i just admire how you like to invoke 20th century 'western creations' ie intellectual property law when you see fit! ya know these are the same people you actively loathe and deplore with an enraged gusto on THIS VERY BLOG!

    LOL so in the same vein the great arabic scholars of the middle ages' descendents should go ahead and sue issac newton's estate for borrowing heavily when he wrote the 'Principia.'

    or maybe the turks should sue the estate of john locke for basing his theorems on domestic government exclusively on their system (sans islam of course.)

    yeah my analogies are just as far fetched and ridiculous as the suite being brought forth towards mounir! as this whole intellectual property phenomenon has gotten WAY OUT OF HAND! from Monsanto copyrighting basmati rice to the Sudanese copyrighting folklore!

    as they say back home khaleek LERAX!

  5. Sudanese Observer12/30/2009 12:25:00 AM

    Dismissive once more...
    The notion of intellectual property rights and its gains for the developing world are very much relevant to the 21st Century - read up on WIPO. I
    Do you know the facts upon which the case against Mounir is being based? Do you know the plaintiffs and the artists involved??
    You yourself implied that the examples you gave were facetious and you're right. And no we won't follow that saying you say in your country, we will continue to fight for our cultural rights and property and for respect.


  6. Has anybody here heard of the convoy, Viva Palestina that was refused entry by the Egyptian authorities on it's way to Gaza ? The Palestinians wont have a good new year's eve either it seems.

  7. I don't think the poor rice farmers of northern india and many other environs would agree with your stance on IPL (intellectual property law.)

    IPL has ruined developing countries from bolivia to india! i think you should read up a little more, instead of feigning a scholarly patina on message boards.

    good day to you sir!

  8. Sudanese Observer12/30/2009 04:27:00 PM


    India achieved its green revolution and food self-sufficiency through machinised cultivation of rice decades ago.

    India is one of the strongest defenders of Intellectual Property Rights in WIPO and has patented a lot of its indigenous plants that are used medicinally in Ayurvedic medicine.

    This was 'not' the issue and has 'nothing' to do with my initial comment.

    Muhammad Mounir steals other peoples' songs and peddles them off as 'Nubian folklore' whose originators are unknown in a deceitful and misleading way.
    Due to this fact he is unpopular amongst many Sudanese bloggers and non-bloggers.
    He is being sued in courts of law accordingly.

    I reiterate:
    The fact that the real underlying issues that are causing antagonism are not recongnised and addressed, but dispersed into a discussion on irrelevant subjects reaffirms the seriousness of the perceptual schism between Egypt and Sudan (on so many levels) that is indeed hundreds of years old and with a lot of evidence to boot.

  9. google monsanto and india my friend! no need to give me a guided tour of india!

    btw your arguments just keep getting more off the wall by the minute this is my last post!!

  10. your background is v. beautiful!=]


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