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The Origin of Arabs

From time to time we have this debate : whether we , the Egyptians are Egyptians only or Arabs “I know it sounds silly”. It is very old debate that is mostly aroused whenever politics demand it to. I will not go in this debate too deep myself because in the end it is useless ideological huge case ; only rich countries free of problems  can discuss it.

This sick useless debate came in the last crisis between us and Algeria and ironically neither us nor the Algerians are not 100% Arab and they are proud of that still I found online ignorant claims attacking as the Egyptians ; as the enemies of the Arabs , the descendents of Moses’ Pharaoh and his sorcerers and the brothers of Zion !!?? While from the other side you got those Egyptians who are bragging with their pharaohnic  roots despite the fact they sold our cinematic archive to the Arabs of the Gulf who are selling it now to Murdoch and those who asked for Sharon’s help from couple of years ago.

I always believe that this is a very silly question and its answer simple ; yes we are Egyptians and Egyptians are not 100% Arabs but they are from the origins of the Arabs.

Was not prophet Ismail , the son of Abraham the son of Egyptian princess Hagar of the south !!??  Is not prophet Ismail considered as the father of Arabia ?? Prophet Ismail is half Egyptian , half Iraqi and actually he was raised mostly by an Egyptian woman whose actions on a certain day from thousands of years ago became a religious ritual millions of Muslims do annually on another specific important day. If Prophet Ismail was the father of the Arabs then Lady Hagar is considered their grandmother and thus the Arabs have Egyptian roots accordingly so it is more than a language or location or religion.

I found out that President Sadat had said the same thing in our parliament during the Arab boycott following Camp David

I like this part because it answers this question on whether we are Arabs or Egyptians ; Egyptians or Arabs for once and for all ; We are the origin of the Arabs and we will not be pushed toward the boycott.

Some Algerians once called us the children of Fifi Abdu ,Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca in an insulting reference to the perception of Egyptian women in the Arab world as belly dancers thanks to the Egyptian cult films “ I think they ignore the political and social history of Carioca” .We are the Egyptians are proudly the Children of Lady Hagar and Lady Maria , the prophet Mohamed’s “PBUH”  wife ; we are the Egyptians the origins of Arabs.

I know some will debate about this and we will bring sources from books and websites…etc from both sides.

By the way just FYI the modern Pan Arabism theory was born during the Mohamed Ali Rule to Sham despite I believe personally Mohamed Ali had this vision of Pan Arab-Islamic Empire restoring  the grandeur of Othman Empire in more advanced way avoiding the falling empire mistakes . I think I will stop here because I do not want to go deeper in this ideological discussion  

It is sad that we are still debating in this silly stuff and Europe with all its difference in every thing is become a real one nation, one power !!??


  1. Umm, are you seriously basing our ethnic history on ancient stories from religious books? Because that is a joke. Obviously Arabs aren't literally descended from Ishmael, and it's kind of scary that otherwise intelligent people actually believe that. The Arabs are a completely different tribe than the Egyptians. We fought them for millenia before they invaded Egypt in 640 and slowly began a process of replacing Greek with Arabic as the language of Egyptians and Christianity with Islam as the dominant religion. We might be similar ethnically as we are part of similar racial subgroups just as we are similar to Persians, Turks, Assyrians, Jews, Canaanites (Palestinians), Berbers, and Ethiopians, but we are not the same. We are not descended from Arabs. And they are most certainly not descended from Egyptians. That's insulting to both them and us and it presupposes that no one lived on the Arabian Penninsula until Abraham's time (1800 BC), which can't be true.

  2. انا لسه شايفة الفيديو ده قريب وكنت بفكر نفس السؤال ده لان اتجاهات بعض الأحزاب تقوم على محو علاقتنا بالعرب وان جذورنا فرعونية ،،لكن الحقيقة ان الفيديو ده جاب الخلاصة

    وبردو بستغرب جداً ان تكون دى معاملتنا لبعض وفى بينا روابط وعلاقات مشتركة كتير ومش قادرين نكون قوة واحد برغم ان اروبا وووو بينهم اختلافات كبيرة لكن قدرو يوحدو أهدافهم ويكونو قوة

  3. Thank you Patrick for your excellent comment. I am so weary of the desire of people to identify themselves by tribe or belief or whatever. We are all individuals and should reserve the right to remain so. I have mentioned this before and unfortunately it remains the greatest failing of our society. How many millions have died in the name of a belief in tribe or religion. George Aiken, A U.S. Senator from Vermont said " If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was of the same race, creed or color we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon." It is a human failing and eventually may destroy our world.

  4. @Patrick and Miscribe , strangely the Jews base their ethnic history on holy books !! It is only us
    you can't be accurate concerning the time of Abraham too because if we are speaking seriously Joseph came to Egypt during the Middle Kingdom.

    @Honda ,اظن ان اوربا اتعلمت معنى الانقسام بطريقة صعبةو غالية فى حربين عالميتن الى جانب حرب باردة فى قرن واحد

  5. Of course you are right.

    To put it another way: The mother tongue of all Moslems is Egyptian. All you need is a good Egyptian - Arabic dictionary to see for yourself. Even the grammar is very similar between Ancient Egyptian and Arabic.

    So Moslem Egyptians can trace their cultural origins to Egypt twice: Once through our Mother Hager (who spoke Egyptian to her son Ismael), like all Moslems, and, second, by descent from Ancient Egypt.

    No problem with that.


  6. Sudanese Optimist11/08/2010 02:28:00 AM

    I believe personally Mohamed Ali had this vision of Pan Arab-Islamic Empire restoring the grandeur of Othman Empire in more advanced way avoiding the falling empire mistakes .

    Of course - and this is proven by his callous, immoral invasion and subjugation of the peoples of Sudan in his 1820 exhibition with its three aims:

    Gold for his coffers

    Negroid foot soldiers

    Securing the sources of the Nile

    Avoiding failing mistakes indeed...


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