Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 PM’s Emad El-Din Adib Special

Emad El-Din Adib is the indirect secret media weapon of the presidency and the regime , a man in his experience and popularity is considered a treasure compared to all the regime’s media clowns who do not convince anyone. Adib is well known Pro-Mubarak supporter who criticizes the cabinet fiercely despite this cabinet was approved by Mubarak himself.

Adib was the special guest of the 10 PM show 2009 Finale last Wednesday , he spoke through out the episode about what he thought of 2009 and what his expectations are in 2010. He defended that stupid wall on our borders with Gaza fiercely making me feel that he went on air that night only to defend this stupid wall.  He also defended the economic policies of the government , there was a debate between him and Mona on this and about the open market system.

Here are some clips from the interview.

Mona was tired that night as she has just returned from Ethiopia covering the prime minister’s trip to source of the Nile, she did not even change her clothes. Of course unlike what Mohamed Ali Ibrahim in Al Gomhouria claims she was an excellent interviewer in front Adib. 

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