Friday, January 29, 2010

Egypt Beats Algeria , Will Play With Ghana Next Sunday

I think you have heard the news , Egypt has won Algeria  with 4 wonderful goals :) A wonderful game that showed our players real powers where as unfortunately showed the Algerian players worst manners !! I hope that these manners will not be there in  the world cup as they are representing the Arabs there.  Gedo scoring
The game is wonderful , our team was great and I can't hide that I did not expect that we would win the match . Ironically last Wednesday I heard someone predicting in the radio saying that we would win Algeria 4: 0 , I laughed and next day we scored 4 !! Watch our goals :
Hassan Shehata is doing a great job Mashallah ,may God bless him thousand times
Hassan Shehata
It is great to have Zidan once again , this is Zizo we know
Zizo is back for real
Thank you for real Angola , for your people's support
Thank You Angola
Of course we still have one game yet , we will play with Ghana next Sunday insh Allah at 6 PM Cairo Local and hopefully insh Allah will keep the cup once again.
Cairo is not going to sleep now , from east to west the whole country despite what we suffer from is having a night of happiness. We deserve to be happy especially after the humiliation we suffer in Sudan. Already I know that Egyptians around the world are sharing our happiness too. Even the Palestinians in Gaza are happy for so and again I feel so angry from our regime because of this.
Gaza celebrates
Again I do not know why the Algerian team was so violent and nervous , already their goal keeper deserved a red card when he attacked the referee . FYI the Egyptian national team objected this referee. Red Card
 Rude Algerian Player


  1. Z, its Egypt beats Algeria not win. Congrats

  2. It is so nice to wake up this morning with a 'winners feeling'. Finally our heroes played as we wished they would always do.

    Of course this does not stop here. What will become the 'Legend of Benguela' in Egypt is already the 'Shame of Benguela' in Algeria.

    I watched Algerian TV this morning. They interviewed some fan crowd yesterday. Those peoples' faces were contorted by vicious hatred. They say, they are out for revenge and blood already. They call our players wimps who cry once the play gets rough and blame it all on the referee. This team, this people shall represent the Arab world in South Africa? May Allah have mercy and protect us!

    Why are they violent like that? Why do they hate us so much? Of course the French messed them up, making them not just a colony, but a departement d'outre mer, i.e. a French province, without nation status. But that can't be all.
    Somehow, they have this violence built-in their genes it seems and they can't control it.
    This time their team, which is by no means a bunch of unskilled morons, met their match not just with our Pharaos, but with a referee that who had the courage to go by the book and who would not back down faced by threats. Once they realized this, they were already down to 8.

    Of course Egypt had objected to this great man. This within the very same persecutory delusionary mind set as when our officials chose Omdurman as a venue for the deciding World Cup qualifier. Will we ever understand how they tick?

    Good for Egypt to be blessed with super substitutes as Gedo - guys like him are the future and if Egypt will rely proudly and self-confident on skills, rather than blaming weather, fans, politics or other matters for any disappointment, we will make it very far.

  3. One can only shake one's head at the previous comment by anonymous.

    Well played and congratulations to the winning team and hard luck to the team that lost - that's sports.

    Now - fastforwarding to the final where Egypt is defending champion - may the best team win.

    I also hope that those involved in Egypt's media will 'desist' from portraying black Africans in 'blackface' which is extremely racist and has been unofficially outlawed in Hollywood since after the 2nd World War.

    It does not make sense for a country that is geographically in Africa, and that wins African tournaments, to insult the vast majority of Africans so senselessly.

  4. @Africanist: could you please explain more about our media and portraying African players? I didnt get what you mean.
    and thanks for the congrats, i wish Egypt will get the cup again but of course all the best for Ghana and Im a proud African bec we have many good teams now, if only FIFA takes notice and be fair and allow 6 instead of 5 African teams to WC

  5. @Africanist: I don't get what your problem is either. Who insulted black African players?

  6. I'm an Arabic speaker and I've watched many Egyptian films where Egyptian actors paint themselves dark brown and wear grass skirts to portray Africa and Africans in a very offensive and racist manner which Western countries used to do in the Colonial era... You should do something about this for your image in the rest of Africa...

  7. @Africanist:
    I can understand that such movies are nagging you, however, that issue is not related to football. On the contrary in any tournament Egyptian players did treat 'black' players with respect.

    Such movies btw are comedy - you will not agree with that kind of humor, however, it is art and freedom of expression rules. Egyptian comedians don't spare their own kind as well so relax and suck it up, or start an image campaign instead of sulking.

  8. @ Little Pharaoh

    There is something called political correctness and there is no such thing as unfettered, unlimited freedom of expression anywhere in the world.

    The west has realised that this type of racism is 'not' funny and has therefore outlawed it. Why can't Egyptians do the same?

    It is very disconcerting when you find excuses for this type of offensive behaviour.
    Egyptian comedians are free to make fun of Egyptians within their country, but one cannot equate that with racist depictions of 'the other'.

    What do you mean start an image campaign?
    An image campaign targeted towards who and for what ends?
    My initial post was not dealing with Egyptian football players but Egypt in general, of which the media is a big part, in light of Egypt being poised to win the African Nations Cup again.

    It is the responsibility of no one but Egyptians to make sure that their media is free of racism. Racism is not a laughable matter.

  9. Certainly - racism is not a laughable matter. It is despicable, I am with you all the way.

    I guess we differ whether painting oneself brown and hopping around like a madman in a silly grass skirt is actually racism. Is it racism because of the colour or because of the grass or because there are actually people living in Africa that are brown and wear grass skirts?

    Not every action that is perceived as racism is meant to be as such. If you called it tasteless, yes I could agree.

    With a need for image campaign I mean that most Afrcan countries today are failed states, with either incompetent, or corrupt or cruel governments who sometimes kill their own people. Despite a wealth in natural resources Africans are poor and many are starving to death.

    So what is it that makes one proud of being an African in the face of so much misery? Whatever that might be, it needs to be published to the world at large rather than sulking insulted because of some comedian's bad joke

    Peace out!

  10. Why do you keep on referring to 'sulking'?
    Sulking is when one becomes withdrawn or sullen or aloof...
    I am expressing my displeasure and that of many other Africans at racist depictions of Africa and Africans by the Egyptian media.

    Racism is defined as:
    'a manifestation of stereotypical attitudes towards members of a certain race or ethnic group.'

    Yes certain African cultures do wear grass skirts, most don't...

    Many Egyptians object at the negative portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in Hollywood, yet they eke the same treatment out to Africans without the slightest remorse.

    Your description of Africa does not differ from that of a non-African apologist for the rape and colonisation of Africa.

    How many African countries have you been to?

    There are more African 'democracies' than Arab democracies.

    Have you been to Ghana?
    Have you been to Botswana?
    Have you been to Senegal?

    What do you really know about Africa?

    Have you read anything by Anta Diop?

    There is a global consensus on the racist nature of blackface that is unjustfiable regardless of how bleak the State of Africa is...which I don't believe it universally is from an informed stakeholder perspective.

    People who do not respect other humans for their humanity (and respect them according to their circumstances) are miserly beings who do not know the meaning of respect.

    I suggest that you catch up with the rest of the world.

  11. :) you and many other Africans will have to live with things as they are. Get real!

  12. @Africanist: OK you win, I have no problem with this.

    Africa is a paradise and the rest of the world in particular Egypt is just jealous and inhabited by racist pigs.

    Africa is: Beautiful jungles, abundance of wildlife, cristal-clear water running in blue rivers under a blue sky.

    People are peaceful, warm and charming, no genocides,no pirates, no AIDS, no starvation, no war, no mutilation of women, no unemployment, no corruption. Everybody is highly educated and the future looks bright. It is a heaven of democracy and human rights and the rest of the world and in particular Egypt is begging to be allowed in.

    Happy now? :)

  13. All I can do is to shake my head and smile at this level of discursive maturity and ignorance.

    You have failed to logically and coherently respond to any of the points made.

    Africa is continuing to develop.

    Unfortunately for you the water resources that Egypt relies on pass through a total of 9 African countries before reaching Egypt.

    Continue with business as usual - but do so at your own peril and at the expense of goodwill being extended to your people in this and coming generations.

  14. tout le monde a constaté l'arbitrage médiocre qui a déservi l'équipe algérienne, c'est vraiment honteux, d'une source sur nous avons appris que quelques joueurs egyptiens se dopent et comme il n'ya pas de controle médical et bien ils sont toujours en forme mais ça c'est de la triche


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