Monday, January 11, 2010

The Great Sinai Wall

Wow it seems my wish has come true , Israel will construct a wall barriers on our borders . Israel wants to protect its people from illegal immigrants and militants , well good for them because I am sick of the repeated news that our border soldiers killed that African poor illegal immigrant as if they were doing this for fun !!

Well this wall is good for us because also it may stop somehow the active drug trafficking between the two countries.

This wall will complete its iron wall brother in North Sinai and it is said to be an American suggestion , already FYI Omar Soliman is currently in the States. According to Israeli DEBKAFile :

Two sections of the Israeli barrier will be built first opposite Eilat, Israel's southern port, and the Gaza Strip. Work will soon start on the 35-km northern segment that will extend from the Kerem Shalom goods crossing from Israel into the Gaza Strip, at the eastern extremity of the Philadelphia route, up to the Israel-Egyptian crossing at Nitzana. The double Israel-Egyptian barrier will run a 50-km long security wall from the Mediterranean in the north up to northern Sinai.

The cost of the Egyptian-Israeli barrier is $ 1.5 billion.

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